Multiculti Knives

Knives Okay at School if They Serve Multiculturalism (Moonbattery)

In other news:

Apparently liberal educrats have mixed up Sikhs with Muslims. Watch them pander like dhimmis:

A Detroit-area district says it’s allowing Sikh students to wear a small, religious dagger to school, reports. …

The dagger is a religious symbol that baptized Sikh males are expected to carry.

The school district has a rule against bringing weapons to school. But rules are only for Christians, who can be suspended for bringing rosary beads.

While Sikhs test the blades on their kirpans, zero tolerance is pushed to the last extreme of absurdity against normal Americans. In Spotsylvania, Virginia, high school freshman Andrew Mikel was charged with three counts of assault for blowing plastic pellets through a pen casing to tease other students. He should have wrapped a towel around his head and claimed to be from Asia.

2 thoughts on “Multiculti Knives”

  1. Given the threat that Muslims pose to Sikhs, I can see why they carry knives.
    Rosaries? I’d defy that law in a second also.

  2. I have read several books about the Sikhs. To my knowledge,they do not preach violence,or force their beliefs on others.
    However,if you allow them to carry knives,you will soon have less desireable groups claiming their “Rights.”
    This Country has had it!!! We are so far gone it’s pathetic.

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