Protestors Attack Cairo Museum With Molotov Cocktails

The remnants of the Jahiliyya are worthless to the soldiers of Allah. They could lead to idol worship and give Muslims doubts about their religion, so its better to destroy them….

Looters broke into the Egyptian Museum on Friday evening, smashing several statues and damaging two mummies.

The army moved to extinguish the flames, a source from the Ministry of Defence told Reuters. Army fire engines were called to the scene to ensure that fire did no damage to “army property”, the source said. (Source)

Tony BLiar: Mubarak Is ‘Immensely Courageous And A Force For Good’

Surprise, surprise:

Tony Blair took an adversarial stance this by week by defending Egypt’s autocratic president as “immensely courageous, and a force for good.” (Puff HO)  But with the same breath he falls back into his usual BS-mode: “I don’t think there’s a majority for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.” (Unfortunately for BLiar, there is no alternative either…)

4 Israeli journalists arrested in Cairo, Bloody Chaos as Mubarak Backers and Opponents Clash

AOL News:(via Atlas Shrugs) CAIRO — Thousands of supporters and opponents of President Hosni Mubarak battled in Cairo’s main square Wednesday, raining stones and bottles down on each other as gunshots rang in the air. In scenes of uncontrolled violence, government backers galloped in on horses and camels, only to be dragged to the ground by their rivals and beaten bloody.

Bloodied anti-government protesters were taken to makeshift clinics in mosques and alleyways, and some pleaded for protection from soldiers stationed at the square, who refused. Though they occasionally fired warning shots in the air, the soldiers did nothing to stop the fighting. (More)