Narco Jihad

But, but: didn’t Obama say he will make it easier for Muslims to pay zakat?

Translation: Obama will make funding the jihad easier. At least according to Muslim sources.

“…I’m committed to working with American Muslims to ensure that they can fulfill zakat,” Hussein Obama  (Yusuf Qaradawi explains)

Taliban ‘drug ring’ Feds smash ‘coke & weapons’ plot

Federal investigators busted a West African-based ring of narco-terrorists who tried to sell tons of heroin and cocaine in a plot to bankroll the Taliban, authorities said yesterday.

Two of the seven men arrested are US citizens who allegedly offered to sell the Taliban anti-tank missiles, grenade launchers and other weapons — and even provided a price list for the arsenal.  Evidence detailing the massive plot was captured on tapes of meetings with the ring members in Ghana, Benin, Romania and Ukraine, prosecutors said in documents unsealed in Manhattan federal court. (source)

Obama backing Zelaya, a drug dealer:

Hussein Obama had better send the Marines into Honduras NOW before more information comes out regarding his leftist-dictator-now-drug-dealer buddy Manuel Zelaya.

BOGOTA – The regime that ousted Manuel Zelaya in Honduras claimed Tuesday that the deposed president allowed tons of cocaine to be flown into the Central American country on its way to the United States.

“Every night, three or four Venezuelan-registered planes land without the permission of appropriate authorities and bring thousands of pounds … and packages of money that are the fruit of drug trafficking,” its foreign minister, Enrique Ortez, told CNN en Espanol.

“We have proof of all of this. Neighboring governments have it. The DEA has it,” he added.

20,000 Kilos Under the Sea


The Colombian military has seized a 100-foot-long submarine capable of transporting eight tons of cocaine from Colombia to Mexico, news reports say.

The vessel was found in a jungle area in Timbiqui in southwestern Colombia on Sunday, according to a report from RTT News.

Kenya: Imams cover for drug dealers (eye on the world)

Talk about an unholy alliance.

(Kenya) The imams and Muslim activists at the Coast declined to give investigators information on drug dealers.

A team of investigators sent to Coast Province last year to investigate the drug menace said the clerics claimed government officials knew the drug barons.

“They were interviewed with a view of gathering information that could assist in the investigation but they declined,” says a report by the team.

The investigators said some of those interviewed were either crying wolf or driven by financial gains.


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