No 'Respeck' for the kuffar

CBN France: the coming civil war

Muslim infestation of France has made certain areas into ‘NO-GO’ zones for anyone but Muslims. Even police and firemen refuse to enter these areas. The problem is so serious, some see a civil war breaking out requiring military intervention.

French President Sarkozy recently said multiculturism has been a big failure. But with Muslims comprising at least 10% of France’s population and Muslim communities already living under shari’a law, is it too late for the indigenous population to take back their country? I predict, if drastic measures aren’t taken, and taken immediately, France may become an Islamic Republic before England does. (Barenaked)

Islamic Supremacy  hard at work. Respeck it, infidel!

Bosnian Muslim defendants in police station bombing refuse to recognize court

Did these guys and Daniel Patrick Boyd call each other? No, we periodically see accused jihadists who find themselves in court refusing to recognize the court’s authority to try them. After all, the fundamental aim of jihad is to impose Islamic law, which would do away with non-Islamic legal institutions.

Fortunately, as much as they refuse to acknowledge laws other than Sharia, they may yet find the prison walls the courts put them behind to be quite real. An update on this story. “Bosnia Muslim bombing suspects defy court,” by Maja Zuvela for Reuters, February 9 (thanks to JW):

“North Carolina man” pleads guilty in jihad plot

An update on this story: Daniel Patrick Boyd has found it in his heart to make a deal with with the court he initially rejected as “court of infidels.” “(Musel-) Man charged as NC terror ringleader pleads guilty,” by Mike Baker for the Associated Press, February 9 (thanks to JW):

A North Carolina man accused of leading a group of people in plotting terrorism attacks pleaded guilty Wednesday, providing prosecutors a first conviction in a case with more than a half-dozen other defendants.

Daniel Patrick Boyd filed a guilty plea Wednesday afternoon to charges of conspiring to provide support to terrorists and conspiring to murder, kidnap, maim and injure people. Prosecutors agreed to dismiss several other counts against him.

Discarding the jihadist trappings, and trying to look pitiful:

Boyd did not comment during the hearing except to answer yes-or-no questions from the judge. He was tearful, and his beard had been shaven clean.

Two of Boyd’s sons — Zakariya and Dylan — are among several other people charged in the case. A trial is scheduled for September.

Boyd was a drywall contractor who lived in an unassuming lakeside home south of Raleigh when prosecutors indicted him in July 2009 on charges of plotting terrorism and conspiring to support terrorism. Boyd’s wife, Sabrina, has denied that her husband or sons were involved in any terrorist activity.

Boyd wore a red-and-white jumpsuit during the hearing and smiled at a few family members at the beginning and end of the session. He will be sentenced in about three months and could get as much as life in prison for one count and up to 15 years for the other.

Prosecutors said they had an array of evidence to use if the case went to trial, including hundreds of recorded phone calls and hundreds of e-mails. Prosecutors said Boyd became somewhat of a revered figure in the Raleigh-area Muslim community and that some believers, particularly young ones, turned to him for advice and that Boyd affirmed the need for waging violent jihad.

“He did so knowing that he had influence on these young people,” said prosecutor John Bowler.

Family members declined to comment while leaving the courthouse. Prosecutors said Boyd is cooperating in the case.

“This case drives home the point that homegrown terrorism is the greatest threat we’re facing right now in the homeland,” U.S. Attorney George Holding said outside the hearing. “The radicalization of Muslims here in our country is a very serious threat.”

During an initial court hearing in 2009, federal authorities played audio tapes of Boyd talking about his disgust with the U.S. military, the honor of martyrdom and the need to protect Muslims at all costs. In one, a voice that authorities identified as Boyd says: “I love jihad. I love to stand there and fight for the sake of Allah.”

The FBI has said agents seized some two dozen guns and more than 27,000 rounds of ammunition from Boyd’s home. Authorities have previously said the men went on training expeditions in the weeks leading up to their arrest, practicing military tactics with armor-piercing bullets on a property in rural North Carolina.

Boyd grew up in the Washington, D.C., area and converted to Islam as a teenager. He traveled with his family and brother to Pakistan two decades ago, and prosecutors say they trained in terrorist camps and fought the Soviet Union.

Boyd had his own brush with Sharia, but was still determined to fight for the side that would inflict it on the rest of us:

In 1991, the Boyd brothers were convicted of robbing a bank in Pakistan, but a sentence that included amputations of a hand and foot was overturned.

A Qur’anic double-header of a punishment: Qur’an 5:33 calls for amputation of a hand and foot on opposite sides for “spreading mischief in the land,” while 5:38 calls for cutting off a thief’s hand.

4 thoughts on “No 'Respeck' for the kuffar”

  1. The no-go zone should cut two ways in terms of dangers presented.
    While police, fire and other civil authorities and the kaffirs may not enter, that means that such places can be attacked, levelled and their people made to suffer much. After all, if they refuse to partake of the nation, then the nation can certainly choose to withold services like medicine et al to them.
    The no-go zone might seem like a fortress for Islam.
    It can be made into a charnel house easily.

  2. I realize that what I’m suggesting sounds downright horrible, but in the war that’s coming, we must turn every advantage Islam has taken into a deadly weapon aimed right at their hearts.
    That’s war.

  3. I feel for France and Europeans in general.

    Canada and the United States must awaken from this idiotic dream that Muslim culturalism can work here. It’s simply non-sensical.

    I am glad I don’t have many years left on this planet but if it comes down to civil war I will fight to my last dying breath, this Islamist threat.

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