Revolutions start to spread

Beck takes on Google

With news of chaos continuing to spread throughout the Middle East. Click here to read more and to prepare for tomorrow’s show, which will delve into the Twelfth Imam, click here.
Glenn also touched on Google and the way that some of their executives have begun to insert themselves into the global discussion. He has also chosen to reduce his use of Google. Why?

1)    They work closely with the government. The NSA, Law Enforcement, and other federal agencies.

2)    They work closely with hardcore leftists groups, including groups affiliated with George Soros.

3)    They aren’t working on protecting your privacy

4)    They have said some scary things (kids will have to change their names to distance themselves from information they shared as kids).

While it’s nearly impossible to completely separate yourself from Google (this website has integrated Google products), Glenn has decided to reduce how much he uses Google in his personal life. To find out how you can too, click here.