Obama incites while Mubarak stands and fights

Its not over till its over.

ElBaradei tells Mubarak to leave Egypt in 48 hours or be a “dead man walking”

Weasel Zippers notes what curious language this is from a past recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Not that standards have been terribly high in recent years (see also: Yasser Arafat, and later, Barack Obama). “ElBaradei’s Ultimatum to Mubarak: 48 Hours to Leave the Country,” from Israel National News

Opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei says he fears coming ‘bloodbath

(the Nobel Peacnik (Musel-)man who fooled everyone…)

The Egyptian foreign ministry appears to be rejecting President Obama’s call for an immediate transition from the government of President Hosni Mubarak — and says that such calls are inciting violence.

Obama says Mubarak must begin “transition” now

This development must be taken in the context of today’s report describing the Obama administration’s contacts with the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been dutifully playing up the importance of democracy and downplaying its Islamic agenda. Both democracy and the appearance of moderation are means to an end. (JW)

Spencer: Obama’s Brotherhood Moment

Hussein Obama has endorsed a role for the Muslim Brotherhood in a new, post-Mubarak government for Egypt.

This should come as no surprise. Obama has behaved consistently all along, from his refusal to back the protesters in Iran, who were demonstrating against an Islamic Republic, to his backing of these protesters in Egypt, to whom he has just given a green light to establish a government that, given numerous historical precedents, will likely be the precursor to an Islamic Republic.

Contrary to claims that it is a moderate organization, the Muslim Brotherhood is actually the prototypical Islamic supremacist, pro-Sharia group of the modern age. Founded by Hasan al-Banna in Egypt in 1928, the Brotherhood emerged as a response to colonialism and Western influence in the Islamic world. Al-Banna wrote that “a wave of dissolution which undermined all firm beliefs was engulfing Egypt in the name of intellectual emancipation. This trend attacked the morals, deeds and virtues under the pretext of personal freedom. Nothing could stand against this powerful and tyrannical stream of disbelief and permissiveness that was sweeping our country.” His remedy? Restoration of Islamic law as the ruling principle of governance.

Al-Banna consequently decried Kemal Ataturk’s abolition of the Caliphate in secular Turkey, which he complained separated “the state from religion in a country which was until recently the site of the Commander of the Faithful.” Al-Banna characterized it as just part of a larger “Western invasion which was armed and equipped with all [the] destructive influences of money, wealth, prestige, ostentation, power and means of propaganda.”[1]

Al-Banna’s Brotherhood had a deeply spiritual character from its beginning, but it didn’t combat the “Western invasion” with just words and prayers. In a 1928 article al-Banna decried the complacency of the Egyptian elite: “What catastrophe has befallen the souls of the reformers and the spirit of the leaders?…What calamity has made them prefer this life to the thereafter [sic]? What has made them…consider the way of struggle [sabil al-jihad] too rough and difficult?”[2] When the Brotherhood was criticized for being a political group in the guise of a religious one, al-Banna met the challenge head-on:

We summon you to Islam, the teachings of Islam, the laws of Islam and the guidance of Islam, and if this smacks of “politics” in your eyes, then it is our policy. And if the one summoning you to these principles is a “politician,” then we are the most respectable of men, God be praised, in politics . . . Islam does have a policy embracing the happiness of this world. . . . We believe that Islam is an all-embracing concept which regulates every aspect of life, adjudicating on every one of its concerns and prescribing for it a solid and rigorous order.[3]…

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3 thoughts on “Obama incites while Mubarak stands and fights”

  1. Obomba, Shrillary Clinton, John Kerry, other Demmocorrupts should all be given 500 lashes or stoned for their dispicable endorsements of the Sharia Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and for pressuring Muburak. Their irresponsible rhetoric for “regime change overnight” has greatly contributed to the violence now errupting in Egypt. Not to mention the blame now being hurled by the Egyptians against Isreal.

  2. These same dummies will call on the israeli’s for restraint when the
    egyptian armies will invade Israel.
    They talk about peace and are enabling war they lost their mind.
    The price for leaving YHWH; He will leave you!

  3. Feb 3, 10:20 AM EST
    Vodafone: Egypt forced us to send text messages
    Associated Press

    LONDON — Egyptian authorities forced Vodafone to broadcast government-scripted text messages during the protests that have rocked the country, the U.K.-based mobile company said Thursday.

    A text message received Sunday by an Associated Press reporter in Egypt appealed to the country’s “honest and loyal men to confront the traitors and criminals and protect our people and honor.” The sender is identified only as “Vodafone.”


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