UK Government admits: the size of this growing terrorism threat depends on the size the of the Muslim population…

London embassy protesters demand sharia law amid continuing chaos in Egypt

  • Hundreds protest outside Egyptian embassy in central London
  • UK government complains to Egypt over text messages seen to instigate violence
  • Britons fleeing violence tell of machete-wielding vigilantes and escaped prisoners roaming ‘war zone’

Protesters waving placards calling for Islamic law to be imposed in Egypt have demonstrated outside the country’s embassy in London. (You need to see this, click here)

It gets even better:

Britain facing ‘unstoppable wave of home-grown suicide bombers’ warns MI6

The terrifying prospect of a wave of suicide bombings by home-grown terrorists unknown to authorities was revealed today. The problem is set to blight Britain for a generation, an MI6 officer warned in secret intelligence documents. The Secret Intelligence Service official warned that radicalised British Muslims who undertake training will become ‘suicide operatives’ who will target innocent civilians.    Read more: Dailymail

Andrew Bolt:

The problem with the great multiculturalism experiment is that it’s almost impossible to unwind once it inevitably fails:

British Muslims must subscribe to mainstream values of freedom and equality, David Cameron will say as he declares that the doctrine of multiculturalism has “failed” and will be abandoned.

Before him, the German Chancellor, and in response to a challenge from members of the very same faith:

Germany’s attempt to create a multicultural society has “utterly failed,” Chancellor Angela Merkel said, adding fuel to a debate over immigration and Islam polarising her conservative camp.

And in Australia last year:

And this is the reality that the Government’s White Paper (on counter-terrorism) now concedes in the frankest language I’ve heard in public.

“A … shift apparent since 2004 has been the increase in the terrorist threat from people born or raised in Australia, who have become influenced by the violent jihadist message,” it warns. “A number of Australians are known to subscribe to this message, some of whom might be prepared to engage in violence. Many of these individuals were born in Australia and they come from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds.”

And then this warning, so pregnant with implications: ”The scale of the problem will continue to depend on factors such as the size and make-up of local Muslim populations, including their ethnic and/or migrant origins, their geographical distribution and the success or otherwise of their integration into their host society.”

Let me decode that. The Government admits the size of this growing terrorism threat depends on the size of our Muslim population.

Cameron’s speech is also another example of politicians finally finding the courage to say today what was deemed too evil to say yesterday. Beware the silencing of dissent, even by people with “nice” motives.

11 thoughts on “UK Government admits: the size of this growing terrorism threat depends on the size the of the Muslim population…”

  1. Britain sowed the seeds of multiculturalism & political correctness years ago, and carefully nurtured the plants while removing opposition. Now the bitter fruits are ripe for the harvest.

  2. Here the BBC is delivering Cameron’s message almost without their filter.

    5 February 2011 Last updated at 02:18 GMT State multiculturalism has failed, says David Cameron
    Mr Cameron will signal a tougher stance on groups promoting Islamist extremism
    “The prime minister will criticise “state multiculturalism” in his first speech on radicalisation and the causes of terrorism since being elected…”

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  3. They let in the Trojan Horse of virtually unlimited uncontrolled Islamic immigration then these parasites have rewarded the UK’s generosity by opening the Pandora’s Box of barbaric Shariah Law, no go areas, preying on little girls, misogyny, polygamy and draining the Social security coffers . And STILL the moonbats bleat “religion of Peace’ and ‘Fundamentalists and Extremists are to blame’ and ‘Yuman Rites” how long can these morons keep their heads buried in the sand.

  4. And Baillieu says he will…

    Premier of Victoria – Media Release.

    Thursday 3 February 2011
    Coalition to strengthen independence of VMC

    “The role of the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC) will be strengthened and will focus on providing genuine assistance to Victorians and providing honest and candid advice to the government, Minister for Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship Nicholas Kotsiras said today…”

  5. * And Baillieu says he will…

    Bolt might have a go at this – the rest of the media have been defanged, declawed and … neutered.

  6. * Here the BBC is delivering Cameron’s message almost without their filter.

    The Telegraph goes a bit further:

    [The Prime Minister will accept that multiculturalism has left some members of the white community feeling unfairly treated. Racism and intolerance are “rightly” condemned, he will say. “But when equally unacceptable views or practices have come from someone who isn’t white, we’ve been too cautious, frankly too fearful, to stand up to them.”

    The speech comes after Baroness Warsi, the Conservative Party chairman, caused controversy by claiming that prejudice against Muslims was widespread and socially acceptable. ]

    * Cameron still has a leg on the fence:

    [Mr Cameron will draw a clear distinction between “Islamist extremism” as a political ideology, and the Islamic faith itself. “We need to be clear: Islamic extremism and Islam are not the same thing,” he will say. ]

  7. Too little too late Mr Cameron, shrieks of “We told you” still to be heard…

    Now we have the fake moderates screaming blue murder…


  8. A couple of weeks ago, after the bombing of Moscow airport, an academic expert on terrorism etal , from Kings College stated on BBC Radio 4, that we were lucky, as we did not have a large Muslim population,m or terrorism would be much larger. At least not as large as Russia or India, where Islamic terrorism is huge. As it was Live, one could almost feel the consternation of the BBC interviewer.

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