UK: Judiciary Fails to Deport Another Rapist Mohammed…

… and they have quite a few already:

Rapist jailed for ‘cold and calculated’ sex attack on schoolgirl in Chadderton alleyway

Manchester Evening News

A rapist who attacked a teenage schoolgirl was caught when he was spotted by his victim days later and chased down by her father.

Mohammed Alim, 30, was cornered and arrested after police joined the pursuit. Today, he was jailed for seven years for a ‘cold and calculated attack’.

Minshull Street Crown Court heard how the failed asylum seeker stalked his victim as she walked along a road in Chadderton, Oldham, on the evening of September 18 last year.

Alim pulled the teenager into an alleyway and throttled her before raping her twice. He then ran off with her handbag.

However, just days after the attack took place, the teenager spotted Alim on the streets of Oldham while driving with her father.

Her father pulled over the vehicle and called Alim over, pretending he was lost.

But Alim ran off after catching sight of the girl, who had tried to conceal herself from view.

The father gave chase and was joined by two nearby PCSOs on patrol. The attacker was finally cornered by police when he ran into a stranger’s house.

Alim, who came to the UK from Bangladesh aged 16 and whose previous attempts to claim refuge had been refused, pleaded guilty to one count of rape after DNA evidence was recovered from the scene.

Delivering sentencing, Judge Lakin said: “You subjected a young girl to every woman’s worst nightmare. This rape was cold and calculated.

“During the attack she feared she would die and says she feels lucky to be alive.

“Not surprisingly this has had a very serious impact on her.

“She feels scared, has trouble sleeping and now has problems with her studies.

“You are in my judgement a dangerous offender.”

Alim was sentenced to seven years and four months in custody and ordered to serve a further two years on licence, minus 130 days already spent behind bars.

He was also ordered to sign the sex offenders register and banned from working with children for life.

Two other charges of sexual assault and theft were allowed to lie on file.

Speaking outside court, a member of the girl’s family expressed dismay at the sentence.

They said: “This sentence is not long enough for what he has done – it is horrendous what she has been through.

“I think if her father had caught him he would have killed him.

“She has had to have injections in case she had HIV and he gave her a sexually transmitted disease – what teenage girl should have to go through that?

“She has been left terrified and has had to move away from the area so she doesn’t have to walk past where the attack happened.”

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  1. Sociopaths and Pathological liars. And thats the good part.

    There can only be one explanation, the Judges are being paid off or have had their family threatened with death.

    Money and Family are the basis of Muslim society, and unfortunately we have lost our way in our own society by events like this ruling. How can we keep faith in our system when things like this happen regularly.

  2. How can the media refer to this lowlife barbarian as a failed asylum seeker? He clearly hasn’t failed and will now join the host of other muslims in our prison system, paid for courtesy of the tax payers again. I’m so sick of this. HE HAS NO RIGHT TO BE HERE! Can’t these judges read? He should be micro chipped and returned to Bangladesh jail immediately to serve his sentence there!

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