UK: Muslim Scum Whines Over 'Backlash', Seeks Protection…

  • by Brett Gibbons, Birmingham Mail
  • They sure know how to dish it out, but  when the blowback comes, they squeak like piggies at the abattoir….

    Birmingham councillors warned over hero snub

    COUNCILLORS who refused to honour a Royal Marine veteran at a meeting in Birmingham have been warned they will need “24-hour protection” unless they stand down.

    A former soldier, who did not wish to be identified, claimed Respect Party representatives Salma Yaqoob and Mohammed Ishtiaq would require a round-the-clock guard unless they apologised for the snub at Birmingham City Council.

    They refused to applaud Afghanistan hero Lance Corporal Matthew Croucher when he visited Tuesday’s meeting of the authority as a guest and to highlight his work with the Royal British Legion.

    The snub outraged other councillors and left the ex-soldier fuming. He said: “I know many ex-servicemen who are very angry about this.

    “There will be repercussions if this pair are not kicked off the council, they will need 24-hour protection,” claimed the soldier, who said he was speaking for many ex-servicemen.

    He feared the action could also play into the hands of the likes of the English Defence League.

    Councillor Yaqoob said she had no intention of resigning and was not concerned about the threats.

    “I have had support from members of the armed forces who agree with the protest. Our action was not directed personally against that particular soldier. I have no intentions of standing down,” said Coun Yaqoob.

    She revealed that she had recently penned a letter of sympathy to the mother of a soldier injured in Afghanistan.

    Coun Ishtiaq said he would not be taking the threats lightly and would be seeking police advice.

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    9 thoughts on “UK: Muslim Scum Whines Over 'Backlash', Seeks Protection…”

    1. I think their citizenship should be stripped.
      And then they should be deported to . . . Afghanistan. That’s a new frontier for them. Let them make a new life there.
      I’m sure they’ll be able to tame a couple of Bactrian camels.

    2. “I have had support from members of the armed forces who agree with the protest. Our action was not directed personally against that particular soldier. I have no intentions of standing down,” said Coun Yaqoob.”

      Oh yeah, I’m sure he has had support, the lying toe-rag. With every whining word that these sub-humans utter the more the noose will tighten around their scrawny knecks. You only have to watch the demonstations in Egypt to see that these fools always react in a knee jerk instantaneous manner. But on the other hand, the slow burning fuse of hatred towards Islam that they have lit by their actions within western soceties cannot be extuingished. The palpable distrust and contempt for Islam is growing exponentially day by day and they dont see it. It will no longer be FIFO it will be FO and take your sharia shit with you.

    3. Police protection? No way. What protection am I offered against these hateful islamists? These people are enemies of Britain yet serve in the Government!!!! There needs to be a huge overhaul of policies. I’d have this vile woman and her family stripped of British citizenship and deported back to the hell-hole she originated from!

    4. These Muslim scum should not be allowed to be on local council or have anything to do with Govt or policy. If a muslim commits an offence and is convicted then they should be deported back to the shit hole that they came from. In this day and age no person should have to tolerate their prehistoric violent beliefs especially re the treatment of muslim women, and furthermore the rapes and bashings of non muslim women. These muslim scum worship Mohammed (who is nothing more than a thug and child sex offender). They say that the Koran pre-dates the bible but that is another myth. It appears a few rag-heads got together and pulled bits and pieces out of the holy bible and changed it around to suit themselves and to make Allah and Mohammed look good. Send all the towelheads back to the shit holes in the sand that they came from. Some schools now dont sing christmas carols because it offended some little towelhead and his family. Too fucking bad. You want to live in an English speaking country then do what you are told. Also how many muslims hold valid jobs in these new places they call home. All they do is breed and put strain on the welfare system. Politicians need to wake up now, especially in England, USA and Australia. Have the balls to stand up against the Islamic religion that is nothing more than a disease. Follow the leads of France and some of the European countries that are sick and tired of being dictated to by a group of worthless scum and send them back where they came from. Then they can practise ‘shariah law’ and do what ever they want and leave Christians and normal living people alone to live their lives free of intimidation and of the islamic demon.

    5. The muslims will be the downfall of the UK, more fool you for letting these savage backward filth into your country!

    6. It’s really ironic that Bin Laden was Dumped in the sea. now he will forever be surrounded by SEALS!!

      When the muslims against crusades start making tdeath threats to Hrh prince Harry its time this country got a grip and kicked these scrounging scumbags out of the country and the familes they have here!

      As an Ex serviceman i feel pure anger that our lad was shown so much disrespect . after all these councilors work under our crown. sack them and deport them !! when i come to power i will make it my lifes work to keep only TRUE Brits in council and power. the end is coming for radicals and supporters of these groups to be kicked out. they have no human rights when they start making death threats and videos of our royal family being murdered!! David Cam-Moran you should ACT NOW !!!!

    7. Conclusion
      Moslems cannot live in peace anywhere in the world. There are Moslem insurgencies in many countries. Here they are already the enemy within. They intend to win by procreation or violence.
      The government must send a clear message that we will not tolerate them when they behave like this. This country has had thousands of years to evolve, and we don’t need immigrants, who have only been here half a century, dictating to our people.

    8. The Iraqi Kamal family runs the international Jihadist network and Fuad Kamal of Beltsville, Maryland is their U.S. contact. Fuad Kamal studied computer science in Illinois and now resides in a bedroom community of Washington, D.C. He attends the same Salafi Mosque in Silver Spring, Maryland as Major Hasan, who killed 13 in the Fort Hood, Texas massacre. Fuad Kamal is a radical Muslim terrorist and, because of his computer linking expertise, is invaluable to Al Qaeda.

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