Animal Farm

The new transparency

How to Top the Irony of a Transparency Award to the Manchurian Moonbat

Politics of lowest expectations

MSNBC Says Give Obama A Break, At Least He’s Not Churchill

“The president chews nicotine gum and hasn’t smoked in over a year.”   Read More »

Hussein Obama promised the Muslim World A New Beginning in June 2009.

“I know — I know there has been controversy about the promotion of democracy in recent years, and much of this controversy is connected to the war in Iraq. So let me be clear: No system of government can or should be imposed by one nation by any other.”

So Much For That Cairo Speech… Obama Administration Votes To Bomb Libya (GWP)

It gets better:

As Gaddafi Finishes Off the Rebels, Obama Administration Springs Into Action – Calls For New UN Resolution (And, just last week Obama was telling the world that Gaddafi must go.) GWP

Birther? Potential 2012 Contender Donald Trump Doubts Obama’s Citizenship

The lying bastard son of an African Marxist Muslim and a Gramscian whore was unelectable either way,  whether he was born in Hawaii or not……  Read More »

Inconvenient Truth:

Inconvenient Truth: Wind Energy Has Killed More Americans Than Nuclear

According to the Caithness Windfarm Information Forum, there were 35 fatalities associated with wind turbines in the United States from 1970 through 2010. Nuclear energy, by contrast, did not kill a single American in that time.

Priorities: Washing Machines!

Big Government Mandates Defective Washing Machines

There is no part of your life statist liberals will not intrude upon and diminish — not even your washing machine:

Animal Feel Good Stories

Whale savers conflicted.

Ask not what your whale can do for you, ask what you can do for your whale.

Feel good dog story of the day