Another 2000 soldiers of Allah reach Italy in the last 24 hours

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“We are here to protest because the government has abandoned us”…

Angry islanders knocked over garbage bins along the roads Monday and several women chained themselves together, shouting that the migrants should no longer be brought to shore.

Another resident, Concetta Billeci, said islanders have sent their children to relatives who live elsewhere due to the stench of the garbage left by the vast numbers of migrants in the fields.

A total of 1,933 illegal immigrants from Libya have arrived in the Italian island of Lampedusa in the last 24 hours, of which 300 are currently being rescued by the Italian Coast Guard, according to the newspaper ‘La Stampa’. The island is on the verge of collapse after more than 7,000 immigrants have landed on its shores, from Tunisia and Libya.


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The host school is entitled to only 800 people, so that newcomers have to be established on the beaches and port, where hygienic conditions are extremely precarious. While immigrants have arrived in Lampedusa last two months came mostly from Tunisia, newcomers are believed to be fleeing the war in Libya, including several women and children.

The governor of Sicily, Raffaele Lombardo, said: “Lampedusa is collapsed and destroyed” and asked the prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, who held a Council of Ministers to address the “humanitarian emergency” declared by the Executive to the massive influx of immigrants fleeing the riots originated in North Africa.

Lombardo has proposed immediately identify newcomers to transfer directly to other provinces to arrange for admission as refugees or to start the repatriation. The governor explained that “in Lampedusa can not be more than 800 people that can accommodate the structures that are now” and explained that Berlusconi has said he has spoken with the Interior Minister Roberto Maroni and Defense Ignazio La Russa, who has been offered several ships to transport the thousands of immigrants found on the island.

For his part, President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, said from New York that “it is necessary to remember the past in Italy” as a country “was the ‘number one’ of migrants in Europe” and “governing the situation,” While acknowledging that “it is not easy.”

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  1. The Holy See seems to be under increasing threat of attack by the Mohammadens.

    Will the Italians ever wake up and realize what is REALLY going on here with this ‘refugee SCAM?

  2. Europe must decide and decide quickly. If these countries (Tunisia, Lybia, etc., etc. ) cannot help their own people; then areas in these countries should be temporarily seized by Europe, developed and organized to maintain and care for the aboriginal population at home, instead of allowing this migration to continue.

  3. Yes taha – it is – and I think that it was photoshopped to give a message which you, clearly, did not understand.

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