Lampedusa: Khaled Claims His Rights

What? No Red Carpet?

Tunisian migrant welfare seeker calls EU treatment ‘shameful’

The article is in French. The video is subtitled in English. Any translators among our readers?

There’s a lot more if you click on the link above. (thanks to Charlie M)

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  1. not perfect but will do.

    VILLAGE OF LUXURY. In the area there are 101 homes for a total of 404 units. The CRI is to provide the rooms with beds and sheets. The two hundred asylum seekers who arrive today are from Mineo Bari and Trapani, Caltanissetta and also the Pakistani and Afghan nationality. In the coming days is expected to arrive. The village was built on 18,000 square meters in the district Cucinella Mineo, in the plain of Catania and can accommodate several thousand people. Inside there are sports facilities, and a local supermarket to house migrants.

    Registration procedures proceeded for those who have already arrived and other organizational processes and in the end, we think of tomorrow, immigrants are free to leave the village. Life in the center, such as entry and exit, will be managed by a regulation which is under development and making the rules of community life. The study is also studying the possibility of extending commuter bus lines to stop them near the center and allow immigrants to use the services. Today, in the center came to visit the Head of Mission to Italy and Malta of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Jose Angel Oropeza, who have a stable base in the center and Maria Stavopoulou UNHCR.

  2. “because of what we here about Europe – where is it?”

    The young man is intelligent, articulate and can be useful.
    Send him back to inform his compatriots that the promised freedom in Europe is the freedom to work & learn or starve.
    Let him tell them that the rumours of luxury for nothing are all lies & maybe it would be better to stay home and work on their own society. independent people can achieve far more than
    7.500.000.000 submissive & humble prions

    We should be proud of what we have achieved and demand the same high standards from those around us!

  3. Where was the welcome committee? And those who invited him over? Mistaken about the date? Just forgot? How terribly embarrassing..

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