Peter King vs 'Rumors', Death threats and Ellison's Tears…

What kind of “false rumors” might those be?

“Some people spread false rumors and speculated…”   Read More »

Crocodile Tears & grievance theater from an Islamic infiltraitor:

If you  link Islam to the thousands of murderous acts by radical Islamists… Then you’re an Islamophobe…or something:

Rumors like this?

Muslims enraged at King’s hearings show that Islam is a Religion of Peace by threatening his life

More on this story. “King Draws Fire for Hearings on Radicalization of Muslims in U.S., But Most Americans Support Discussion,” from,

Tears of a (Muslim) Clown or just Crocodile Tears?

We already had a laugh at  the despicable AG Holder, who puts ‘his people’ above the law:

“We don’t want to stigmatize, we don’t want to alienate entire communities.”


Controversial House Hearing on Radical Islam Convenes

Fruit-loop Freak Show:

San Fransicko D-kook Speier  tries the  tired “racist”.  Then there is the (equally tired) treatment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. The word “McCarthyism” has been tossed around a bit. (But McCarthy was right!)

Fighting the Muslim Mafia might make them really angry at us:

MSNBC’s Kristof Concerned King Hearings May Offend Muslims In ‘Radical Mosques’

NICHOLAS KRISTOF: I’m sure that at mosques around this country, especially the more radical mosques, this is going to be seen as one more evidence that people are picking on us.

So Kristof acknowledges the existence in America of “radical mosques.” Isn’t that the very proof of the need for inquiry along the lines Peter King is conducting? What Kristof suggests sounds like appeasement.  People in “radical mosques” might feel like they’re under scrutiny?  Good.

Something must be wrong with King:

Oh noes: the Muslims will never trust us again!

Steven Emerson: Muslim groups like CAIR, ISNA, and MAS, not Rep. King, are responsible for fomenting hysteria

Emerson observes: “The real underlying story here is how the self-anointed leadership of the Muslim community … are the ones responsible for instilling panic into the Muslim community by suggesting that these hearings will lead to ‘hate crimes’ against Muslims.”

That has indeed become the preferred tactic in recent years: deflecting attention by appropriating victim status from actual or intended victims of jihadist terrorism, and attempting to silence the discussion by acting as though any portrayal of Islam in even a potentially negative light amounts to inciting hate crimes.

There is one small cause for optimism: the prospect that groups like CAIR have shown themselves to be so paranoid and obnoxious in their denunciation of King’s hearings, that more people are noticing, and wondering if perhaps they doth protest too much.

“Muslim American groups, not Rep. Pete King, are the ones fomenting hysteria with hearings on tap,” by Steven Emerson for the New York Daily News, March 10:   Jihad Watch

6 thoughts on “Peter King vs 'Rumors', Death threats and Ellison's Tears…”

  1. The Quran says in many places, that Muslims must harden their hearts when they hear the weeping and wailing of infidels under torture etc.
    I think now that lesson needs to go the other way.
    I have no sympathy for the imagined sacrifices Muslims have made for this country– they are not as great as those made by non-Muslims in our history.
    Islam is inimical to the United States, to the Constitution & Bill of Rights.
    And Muslims need to be made aware of this reality every single day.
    With any luck, they will abandon this profanity and start practicing true religion.

  2. Watch it and weep [crocodile tears]…while the cameras are switched on.
    He almost had me fooled…NOT!

  3. Their real money and their fake tears are not as important as the very true imperatives carried out in Muslim scripture.
    It is a religion of conquest, violence, torture, intolerance and totalitarian control.
    It does not know the separation of church and state.
    Nor is there any evidence in its scriptures that it will honor any such thing.
    The content of Islam is what should be under scrutiny here, more than anything else.

  4. Ellison’s “tears” – Islamization watch – What’s Taqiyya?


    (March 9)

    CAIR: (Frantic) (voice breaking…) This is our test… this is it, We can’t fail, we have to demonize Rep. King..

    ELLISON: of course, it’s like a Muslim Fatwa.

    CAIR: So listen, as you know we are a very powerful Islamic lobby, [we appear as “moderates,” and we know how to (ab)use it.

    ELLISON: Sure.

    CAIR: And we have experience with the American mentality.

    The plan is with the YouTube era, we have been thinking…

    ELLISON: What?

    CAIR: Putting up a show? “Taqiyya” (deceiving the infidel)

    ELLISON: Like?

    CAIR: Something along the line of ‘We are victims…’ – style.

    ELLISON: Ah ha, thank you Brother. We’ll be working on it, what should be embedded in it, I mean, what case should I use as a banner of ‘Muslim hero’ to beautify all of us and distract America from the real danger coming from so many Muslims?

    CAIR: Funny that you mentioned it, we have been pushing to rewrite 911 attack… so we have that “story” of a mother who won the FBI and “convinced” them that her som died… trying to save others.

    ELLISON: That’s a bombshell. Muhammad loves you.

    CAIR: If you need advice in gaming the infidels, we learned how to joggle in between sending hidden messages of glorifying jihadists or at least excusing terrorists. and acting as if we “denounce “radical Islam. I hope you get it, it takes practice.

    (March 10)

    L. FARRAKHAN Nation of Islam:
    Hey there brother Asalamu Alaikum. Wow! What a show, it sends a shiver in the spine of every “white” and “blue eyed devil.” Peace, peace upon you, Islam is peace…

    ELLISON: It worked, didn’t it? haha (long laugh)

    FARRAKHAN: Whitey Americans (are so weak) always fall for tears, honest or faked. haha. Allah Akbar, We’ll Conquer America!’


    FARRAKHAN (calls back): It’s me, huh, “honorable” minister Farrakhan again, hmm, just giving you a “brotherly” reminder of my true Islamic teaching when you were here in 1995, like the out-pouring love for humanity and “tolerance” for Asians, Jews and all white men… rewriting history of the enormous Arab-Islamic slave trade, supporting Arab racist genocide and slavery by tyrant Al-Bashir in Sudan, glorifying Hitler. You see it boggles my mind why anyone would call the Nation of Islam the ‘Islamofacsism.’ I have no clue.

    (Ellison still laughing).

  5. And the Academy Award for best fake crying performance at a congressional hearing in an effort to portray all muslims as poor helpless victims, goes to………..

    I am so proud to have this guy as my very own congressman. Long live the 5th district of MN. *eyes roll*

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