Australia Stamps 5000 Koran's With "for Mohammedans only"

Imagine the outcry amongst the worlds 1.5 gazillion Muslims!

Every  headbanger  from Lakemba to Timbuktu  would declare jihad and all the “moderate Muslims” among us would start throwing Molotov cocktails, burn cars and blow up the Sydney Opera House.  George Negus,  Tony Jones & Red Kerry from the enemedia would tell us that we brought it on ourselves,  and the Gillard-KRudd mob would  squeeze us for a few more billions to build mosques and madrassas in Indonesia, only to kiss and make up.

But no. No such luck.

Malaysia stamps 5000 Bibles with “For Christians Only”

Let the Christian riots begin!


Britain has more than 2,000 madrassas, where more than 200,000 children aged from four to their mid-teens are taught the Quran on weekday evenings.

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  1. Australia hasn’t got the right to stamp every Koran ‘For Mohammedans only.’ What the Australian government does have the right to do is to BURN EVERY BLOODY KORAN OR AT THE VERY LEAST USE THE KORAN AS TOILET PAPER.

  2. Malaysia: Christians protest policies that treat distribution of Bibles as if they were controlled substances


    That is exactly how Malaysian authorities are proceeding: the content of the Bible is now a controlled substance. Which is easier to score in Malaysia nowadays — hydrocodone or a shipment of Malay-language Bibles?

    Once again, Qur’an 29:46 does say “Our Allah and your Allah is One, and unto Him we surrender,” but it is a talking point for Islamic proselytizing, and a one-way line of discourse in a manner in which a non-Muslim would be prohibited from preaching to a Muslim under Islamic law.

    The intention of this Islamic supremacist game is twofold: first, as always, there is the general desire to remind unbelievers who’s boss. But if Malay-speaking Christians relent and cede their right to the name of God in their own language, it will also make it that much easier for Muslims to portray them as polytheists, creating excuses for further hostility and oppression. “Churches in Malaysia reject Bibles held up and desecrated by the government,” by Debra Chong for Asia News, March 17:

    KUALA LUMPUR, March 17 — The Christian community said today that it is appalled by what it says is the Najib administration’s desecration of 5,100 holy books shipped in from Indonesia and has flat out refused to collect the Port Klang shipment.

    The Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM), which represents over 90 per cent of churches in the country, insisted that Putrajaya immediately drop the conditions imposed for the release of two shipments of Malay Bibles totalling 35,000 copies seized from Port Klang and Kuching port.
    Last night, the Bible Society of Malaysia (BSM) was told its shipment of 5,100 Alkitab—as the Malay Bibles are called—were stamped with the Home Ministry’s official seal, as per the conditions imposed for the release issued two days ago, without its prior permission.
    The first requires the importers to stamp directly on the cover of each of the 35,000 copies the following words: “Peringatan: ‘Al Kitab Berita Baik’ ini untuk kegunaan penganut agama Kristian sahaja. Dengan perintah Menteri Dalam Negeri”
    The cover of the Bibles would be stamped with the department’s official seal and dated as well.
    The second condition requires the importers to stamp a serial number on each copy as if to demarcate copies from the released shipment and to enable the book to be traced back to the port of import.
    Such paranoia makes the faith of Malaysia’s Muslim establishment look fragile and weak. The message they send in being so afraid of a book — of being afraid of the availability of the Bible — is not one of temporal or spiritual strength.

    “This means that the Bahasa Malaysia Bible is now treated as a restricted item, and the Word of God has been made subject to the control of man. This is wholly offensive to Christians,” the CFM said in a strongly worded statement today signed by its chairman, Bishop Ng Moon Hing.
    The umbrella body refuted government claims it had reached a compromise, saying it had never agreed that its holy books should be endorsed to say, “It is only for Christians”.
    “Any person who respects the Holy Scriptures of any religion would be appalled by this action. We will never accede to any desecration of the Bible since the Word of God to us is sacred,” it said.
    Pointing to a 1982 order issued under the Internal Security Act (ISA), the CFM said nowhere in the law is it stated that any form of words had to be endorsed on any copy of the Bible in Bahasa Malaysia. “Given that copies may already have been endorsed, we will not take delivery of those endorsed copies,” it added.
    The CFM said it also wholly rejects the federal government’s argument that the Bible in Bahasa Malaysia is “prejudicial to the national interest and security of Malaysia”. It condemned the government’s treatment of its holy books as “subversive publication”.
    The CFM said Christian Malaysians have always acted in good faith and with great patience to reach a peaceful end to religious dispute that would not compromise their beliefs. “But that good faith has not been reciprocated by the government,” it said.
    It further accused Putrajaya of having moved the “goal posts” over the years “through a systematic imposition of unreasonable conditions and restrictions”….

  3. Jihad coming to Malaysia

    (not for the first time)

    Malaysian MP accuses “ungrateful” Christians of conspiracy to take over, threatens jihad

    Projection, from someone who wants to see Islamic law imposed upon Malaysia in full force. This, by the way, is the same legislator who threatened Christians that they were trying the patience of Muslims by making “excessive demands” for things like Malay-language Bibles (which would then use the Malay-language word for “God,” which is the Arabic loan-word “Allah”). He’s also the hopeless romantic who blamed bad Muslim wives for husbands that cheat, explaining “Husbands driving home after work see things that are sexually arousing and go to their wives to ease their urges.”

    Now, he says Christians are “ungrateful” for all the “tolerance” Islamic law would supposedly afford them, and equates demanding a higher standard of human rights with an alleged Christian supremacism that appears analogous to what he himself envisions for Islam in Malaysia.

    It’s unclear whether the pun in the headline is intended: “Perkasa ready to crusade against ungrateful Christians,” from Malaysia Today, May 15 (thanks to JW):

    “If they want a crusade, so be it. Before our followers fall in this battle, (Perkasa) leaders will first lay down their lives and die sprawling in blood.”
    (Malaysiakini) – Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali said that he is willing to wage a crusade against the Christians if the community allegedly continues to challenge Islam’s position in the country.
    “If they want a crusade, so be it. If they say that the peace that we enjoy is not good enough … we shall take up the challenge. Don’t take the silence of Muslims as a sign of fear,” he warned to cheers from about 150 people at a ceramah last night.
    “Before our followers fall in this battle, (Perkasa) leaders will first lay down their lives and die sprawling in blood,” he thundered.
    Speaking at a function organised by the Komuniti 1Malaysia group of Kampung Kerdas and Kampung Changkat in Gombak, Ibrahim accused the Christians of “challenging the sovereignty and dignity of Malays and Muslims.”
    He was referring to the allegation that a group of pastors were plotting to make Christianity the official religion of the nation and appoint a Christian prime minister. This was reported last Saturday by Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia
    “This is an affront to the sovereignty of Muslims who are the majority… It started with race, and now it has gone to issues of religion. But when it comes to religion, it means jihad,” he said to hoots from the crowd.
    According to the Pasir Mas parliamentarian, minorities are emboldened to challenge Malay and Muslim supremacy because they are encouraged by PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, who is pandering for their votes.
    “Many of the Christians in Malaysia are Chinese and many of the Christians (in the world) are American. Anwar is acting as a US mole. It all fits,” he said in his trademark fiery style.
    However Ibrahim in contriving to scaptegoat [sic] the Chinese community, has his facts wrong, as it is the bumiputera Christians who make up the bulk of the community in Malaysia….
    Ali does not seem to want even to acknowledge Malay Christians; doing so would open a can of worms regarding their right to invoke God in their native language. Can’t have that.

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