The Same People Will Burn Our Cities Tomorrow


Okay, the c*%#s have pulled the plug on the vid  we posted below. Thanks to Vlad Tepes  we have another one to replace it.  I say let it burn. May the firebugs burn along with the damage they inflict on us:

Christmas Comes Early To The Island.

A government that inflicts Mohammedan invaders on us is the enemy of all Australians:


Andrew Bolt:
Large sections of the Christmas Island detention centre have been burnt to the ground in protests overnight.

– we’re now accepting refugees from Christmas Island, made too dangerous by Julia Gillard’s irresponsible boat people policies.

– Immigration Minister Chris Bowen says he can’t brief us because the officials on Christmas Island, in a time zone that’s four hours behind, are asleep. Which means they’ve slept through a riot and the burning down of two buildings.

Another problem that’s slipping out of this hapless government’s control:

FEDERAL Police and asylum seekers have clashed in violent confrontations at the Christmas Island detention centre. Two compounds were on fire last night and detention centres workers are understood to have been withdrawn.

Federal police have used tear gas and “beanbag bullets” in the last few days to control two disturbances.

Last night 250 asylum seekers were involved in a major protest, where tear gas was used…Protests spread yesterday to the Curtin detention centre in WA’s Kimberley region where about 100 detainees peacefully rallied before dispersing.

Brilliant. Before the Rudd Government weakened the boat people laws, we had just three boats a year arriving, on average, each year. Now we have a record number of people in detention and Christmas Island in uproar.

Can’t wait for the time we get people fleeing Christmas Island and begging Pakistan for asylum from the violence.


And sure enough, we’re accepting refugees from the fighting on Christmas Island:

The immigration department will today continue shifting adult males to mainland detention centres in an effort to ease crowding and tensions – it plans to move 600 asylum-seekers off the island within a fortnight….On Thursday, Mr Bowen denied that about 100 asylum seekers flown from Christmas Island to Darwin on Wednesday included protest ringleaders.

As for the violence:

AUSTRALIAN Federal Police has taken control of the Christmas Island Immigration Detention Centre after buildings were burnt to the ground in violent protests overnight… Two compounds were set alight last night and detention centres workers were believed to have been withdrawn. It is understood detainees used molotov cocktails during the riots, while other items such as bins and furniture were set alight.

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  1. Simple, repatriate the lot of them, one and all. No questions asked, load them up and ship them out ASAP. Send an F_ing message you clowns in Canberra!

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