Brimbank Weekly fawns over Islam, Muslims: "We are just like you…"

A steaming pile of taqiyya with cream and a cherry on top: another Islamic da’awa doctor who’ll tell you anything but the truth:

“IGNORANCE” is a key hurdle to the acceptance of the Islamic faith in Australia, according to a key community leader.

Normal: What race is Mustapha Ramadan?

(Brimbank Weekly thanks to Mullah)

Sunshine Mosque president Mustapha Ramadan says there are many negative stereotypes about the Muslim community, but people are often surprised when they learn more about the faith. “When people think of Islam they may think about terrorist bombing and fanatics, but there are fanatics in all societies,” he said.

Indeed, we do believe  that there are Islamic fanatics. There are  others who are fanatics, but they hardly blow themselves up or fly jets into buildings. Until Mustapha openly declares that his mosque doesn’t teach  hatred and genocide for Jews, Christians and non-Muslims, renounces jihad terror, polygamy, wife beating, child-marriage, incest, stoning, incest and murder of homosexuals and blasphemers,  the ‘Sunshine mosque president’  won’t be blowing sunshine up my butt…….

“There are people in the world who do this sort of thing to get in the spotlight and it means that now we’re in the spotlight.”

Figures from the 2006 census show there were 340,391 Muslims nationwide, or 1.71 per cent of the population. Brimbank has the fourth-largest community in Victoria, with 8407 (5per cent).

The Sunshine Mosque was established by the Cyprus Turkish Islamic Society of Victoria to cater for this growing population.

Mr Ramadan points out that there are Muslim communities all over the world, not just in the Middle East. “They are also in Asia, in Africa, it’s something you find all around the world.”

Although he believes there is more to be done to address the image of Muslims in Australian society, Mr Ramadan said he hasn’t heard of obvious examples of discrimination at a personal level. “I have a lot of interaction with people and nobody has really talked about that,” he said.

“I think Australia has come a long way. There are, of course, pockets of racism, but that is going to happen everywhere. You don’t really bother with that.”

Mr Ramadan takes heart in the hope that over time, negative feelings towards the Muslim population will fade. They are, after all, here to stay.

“I have attended a lot of different multifaith events, and understanding is a lot better than it was,” he says. “We all want to live in harmony. At the end of the day we are all just normal people; we are just like you.”

2 thoughts on “Brimbank Weekly fawns over Islam, Muslims: "We are just like you…"”

  1. They dont come from any race. They come from a place that God forgot. Who is the fu.k wit who says this? Another paid up Australian Government spokesperswon. Sounds just like one. Community leader? This is farsicle. In fact, it is another laugh from Islam.

  2. Pockets of racism.

    Definitely. In Egypt there is a very deep pocket. Remember that a journalist was gang raped as she was mistaken for a Jew.

    Racism and anti-Semitism is endemic in Muslim (not just Arab) lands.

    Australia might well have pockets of racism, as all societies do, not just predominantly white societies.

    But Muslim societies have theologically mandated and approved racism.

    There’s a big difference between a small pocket and a whole wardrobe full of clothes!

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