Christina Abraham & the Black Hole of Reason

‘Christina Abraham’ is the moniker of a CAIR propagandist based in gangland Chicago, the place that gave us the O-turd, the gift that keeps on giving.

It is rather common that  Islamo-propagadists sail under false flag and  use Christian or Jewish names to fool unsuspecting, naive infidels. Working for CAIR, Christina is a hardcore Islamofascist and does the same boring song and dance they all do. Christina has a blog, with entries like   Yawning Lion: Israel, the Black Hole of Reason“. She travels comfortably on the gravy train of Yuman Rites, issues related to Arab and Muslim civil rights, (what else? Infidels don’t have any) and actively works to pursue successful resolutions to incidents of discrimination through legal and non-legal channels. (We would be especially interested in the “non legal” channels.)

Tonight she was on Eric Bollings Fox Business, salivating all over Robert Spencer:

Spencer, Geller, and CAIR on Fox Business

Pamela Geller and I were on Fox Business’s “Follow the Money” tonight, discussing the Peter King hearings. First I “debated” a spokesperson for Hamas-linked CAIR, Christina Abraham, who was following Muhammad’s “war is deceit” principle, and then Pamela appeared on Bolling’s panel refuting politically correct falsehoods. She comments on the proceedings here.

2 thoughts on “Christina Abraham & the Black Hole of Reason”

  1. Notice how the CAIR hack was reading off a piece of paper towards the very end of her debate with Spencer. See, she wanted to emphasize that spencer is insane, irrational, crazy, spewing hate. I heard all those words. This is their new tactic. Anytime Spencer or some other anti-jihadist is on TV debating them–they will attack ad hominem. They won’t respond to the issues at hand. Clever folks. Taught well by the Left.

  2. The world has a common enemy. Does not matter if we are left or right, black or white. An enemy is an enemy. The ploy they use is called interjection, and disruption. Silence is a good counter to this move. Just sit, wait, cause an embarrassing silence, then talk.

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