"Distorted Views of Islam: Israel's destruction is "hope of all Palestinians"

‘Islam is inherently violent” makes Muslims cry (and issue death threats)

Counter-Terrorism training’s got it right: ‘Islam is inherently violent’ (WARNING: Graphic Images from Barenaked)

King Kong:

Carl Bernstein, Cenk Uygur Team Up to Thrash Muslim-American Hearings as ‘Un-American,’ ‘Coliseum-like Atmosphere’ (Needless to mention that Cenk Uigur is a hardcord Islamofascist)

With no substantial conservative counterpoints to be offered, the two guests sounded their condemnations of the hearings as “cultural warfare” and bigotry.

Meanwhile, back in the ME:

Israel’s destruction is  “hope of all Palestinians”

Pali propagandist on Pal TV: Jews throughout history worry over money Quran says Jews worry over money;

A talk show on official Palestinian Authority television recently promoted the classic Antisemitic stereotype of Jews being overly concerned with “accumulating money.” The guest attempted to validate his defamation by claiming that it is corroborated in the Quran.

In addition, the guest’s call for the destruction of Israel, in his words, “to liberate the entire stolen Palestinian homeland,” met with approval by the official PA TV host: “I join my voice to yours; of course, unity and liberation are the hope of all Palestinians.” PMW has documented the ongoing denial of Israel’s right to exist by the PA.

“Of course, he [the Jew] is interested in accumulating money – the Jews throughout history, and in the religions, and the Quran tells us about the Jews and their worry over money.”

As it happens, Pal Arabs don’t need to worry about money, because Allah feeds them by telling dumb infidels to transfer enormous amounts of their wealth to keep them breeding for jihad……