Egypt imam: kill all the Christians!

Anybody listening? No. Western dhimmies are far more concerned with Muselmanic Katzenyammer:

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Thanks to Moonbattery:  Too bad we have to go to the German press to see our own side of what’s going on in our country.

At least a dozen people were killed and roughly 140 wounded in violence between Christians and Muslims in Cairo on Tuesday night.

Carl Moeller with Open Doors says, “A local imam called out their people of the village to ‘kill all the Christians.’ It is disappointing that so close on the heels of a grand sweep of democracy and good feeling between Christians and Muslims in that country, we see such a quick turn back to the extremism.”  Unity from Egypt’s Revolution Short-Lived

“All your churches are belong to us!”

Egypt: Copts report banner at site of destroyed church proclaiming “Al-Ramla Mosque”

After all, nothing says “Religion of Peace and Tolerance” like claiming someone else’s sacred ground as a spoil of war and sticking a mosque on it. It is intended as a permanent exercise in supremacist gloating. This act would only uphold a long tradition of building mosques on sacred sites seized in Islamic conquests, just like the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, and the Hagia Sophia, along with innumerable other churches, synagogues, and temples from Spain to India and beyond.

Despite the vague headline about “wars of religion,” what follows is a refreshingly complete report. “After the Egyptian Revolution: The Wars of Religion,” by Rania Abouzeid for Time, March 10:    “Al-Ramla Mosque” (JW)

“Revolution” coming:

Young Members of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Call for ‘Revolution’ Within the Movement

The older Zebiba boyz are unimpressed: Muslim Brotherhood Leaders:  The Call for Revolution Is Alien to the Movement (MEMRI)

Arch-Dhimwit of Canterbury knows all about Islam:

Rowan Williams: “A truly Islamic state would protect Christians– not in this world, and not in the next. Uh Huh. Reminds me of: “But true communism has never been properly implemented yet“. Oh, Rowan, may your s#*t come to life and bite you in the nose! (BLazing)

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8 thoughts on “Egypt imam: kill all the Christians!”

  1. their is no need in killing them just become a shia all your problems will go away

  2. Is that a joke, shia?

    It’s gotta be. No one would be so stupid as to want become a dumb-ass muslim under any circumstances.

  3. Is there something in the waters, or is it just insanity?

    The archbishop is completely under the influence of the leading Taqqiya manipulators in Britain, just as Prince Charles.

    Nothing will get through to them, even if all Christians in the ME are massacred. They are beyond correction.

  4. Having destroyed their own countries, Muslims invade if they can , or come in as beggars, to destroy other nations. A plague of locusts by comparison, are benign benefactors.

  5. A truely islamic state would protect christians …
    from freedom,
    from money,
    from emancipation,
    from suntans,
    from pork …
    and it would protect all atheists from breathing.

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