Is it a Black Thing, a Muslim Thing, or a Commie Thing…?

Mah Ni99er,mother f*k@a:

Obnoxious Racist Harasses Black Employees

But being a race-baiting megalomaniac is no crime when ya black…. (Moonbattery)

A legend in her own time:

Deep Thoughts: Sheila Jackson Lee Quotes Sheila Jackson Lee:

“…[the Constitution] is in pain.” (not that Sheila ever read it. Last time I heard the black messiah say ‘the constitution is deeply flawed’- so which one is it?) Read More »

Theatrics unwanted:

King Reprimands Dem. Rep. Lee for ‘Outburst’ During Hearing Government

“It is an outrage.” Read More »

“Kill whitey, kill da Jooozzz!”

No. 3 House Dem to Join Louis Farrakhan for Program on ‘Disappearing Black Community’ US

  • “People who are anxious for a change and who want a better life will be there.” Read More »

The new civility:

No old people needed:

Van Jones Brown-Nose Youth Recruitment: Forget Respecting Old People — You Are Gods, Geniuses & Walking Superpowers!

Muselmanic agit prop Cenk Uighur creates division:

Gimme gimme:

There’s no end to white guilt:

Congressional Report: Too Many White Men Lead the US Military Government

“The armed forces have not yet succeeded in developing a continuing stream of leaders who are as diverse as the nation they serve.” Read More »

Its all about ‘racism’ anyway:

MSNBC‘s Andrea Mitchell ’You and I Are Both White‘ We Don’t Get This Whole Getting Offended Thing Like Muslims Do

…and we all know that black on white racism is non existent. Only white people can be  ‘racist’…..

Ellison’s Tears:

When I heard that the Muslim Brotherhood paid for Ellison’s hajj, I felt like weeping, too

Ellison’s pilgrimage to Mecca was paid for by the Muslim American Society, an organization of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Ellison’s crocodile tears are in service of a deception…….

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