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Who would have thought?

Germany is the most popular country in the world

Germany remains the most popular nation in the world in a BBC World Service Country Rating Poll. It had a 62 per cent approval rating, four points ahead of second-placed Britain.

Britain has been named as the second most popular nation in the world – being pipped to the top spot only by old rivals Germany. (Telegraph)

However, that popularity still doesn’t entice Muslims  to integrate, and the lame stream media sees nothing wrong with it…..Verkehrte Welt

Carneval in Germany mocks Islam, (and Sarazzin)

‘Germans Have to Distinguish between Muslims and Murderers’

Germans ‘have to?’ They don’t have to do no such thing. The Muslims have to sort each other out and if they can’t,  the Germans need to prepare for internment and mass-deportations:

Investigators now believe that the man who killed two US airmen at Frankfurt Airport on Wednesday was acting alone. Still, German commentators find little comfort in knowing that. To them, it just means no one’s safe anymore. more…

A Murder Rattles German Soldiers’ Faith in Afghan Allies

Its the ultimate folly to suggest that infidels should trust Muslims, who carry within them a belief system that despises the kuffar.

Susanne Koelbl knows better:   “the advantages to the partnering may be larger than the shortcomings” more.

In a stunning declaration, GERMAN Interior Minister says, “Islam does not belong in Germany”

The growing Muslim immigrant population, now about 4 million, is fueling the even faster growing anti-Muslim conversation in Germany and has reopened the debate about banning or significantly reducing immigration from Islamic countries. (Barenaked)

No human rights for Christians: the workings of the Yuman Rites Mafia
Sister Hatune – The persecutors are given refuge -not the persecuted

This video is about the same German nun who you may remember from a previous VTB post about brutally abused Christian girls in Iraq

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  1. Hey Mr. Interior Minister, Islam does not belong anywhere except in some Middle Eastern Sewer. PUt the lid on it and flush out to the desert.

    Do Our politicians ever read these accounts? Like I keep saying, the people in Western Countries will be doing as they are in the Middle East very shortly. We are on the edge of doom while our leaders live the high life and call us racists.

  2. And Germany is only the most popular country at Oktoberfest time, Carnivals, and World Cup Fussbal. Other than that they all want to migrate out here, but they are not allowed: Why? I leave you to answer that one.

  3. I don’t believe this poll. I knew a ton of europeans in college and they all hated Germans. It was universal. I can’t imagine Germany is popular with other non-european countries. The most popular country here in the US is, well……..the US. Obviously. But other than the US, I’m not sure who we’d choose. Definitely not Germany. Not France. Not china. Not sure.

  4. I have always wondered why there is a constant push to keep the German people in a state of collective guilt. All the atrocities by Mussilini,Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, the Muslims,the Japanese during second world war,the present enormous crime rate by blacks here and in Africa,etc.,etc. Yet, the only ones who are supposed to STAY guiltridden are the Germans, and along with them,all the rest of White European Culture.
    Something fishy here,no???

  5. American & German news

    The hypocrisy and political correctness on the left will be the death of us

    Posted by LinLinisme on Mar 07, 2011, 06:09 PM EST

    America has never been in more danger than we are right now. Muslims are taking over our country. Our leaders have no courage, they just go along withour the courage to do anything to keep us safe, Yes, we do need our guns for protection.

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