Hanson enters NSW election race

Former One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has launched a bid for an Upper House seat in the New South Wales state election.

Hanson enters NSW election race

She has moved to Corlette, on the state’s North Coast, and is running as part of a group of 16 independents in the March 26 poll.

New South Wales Premier, Kristina Keneally, says Labor will not direct preferences to Ms Hanson under any circumstances.

Ms Keneally says her party condemns Ms Hanson’s divisive approach.

“We completely condemn the sort of racist policies that she promotes,” she said.

Don’t hurt your head on the glass ceiling, Ms Keneally!

“It’s remarkable that in 2011 the Premier, a leader of this state, has to stand up and defend the values of multiculturalism, of diversity, but indeed with someone like Ms Hanson entering the political race, I make clear that that’s precisely what I’ll do.

You’ll be gone soon, along with your delusions, Keneally!

“New South Wales is a wonderful place. It’s a wonderful place because people from over 200 countries have come here and made this their home.

“Our diversity is amongst our greatest strength and I’ll stand up and defend that, very much so.”

We beg to differ. Diversity divides us. Unity makes us strong, ms Keneally!

The NSW Liberal Party has also said it would offer no preferences to Ms Hanson.

But Ms Hanson has told Fairfax Radio Network, “I’m not racist.”

No-one can ever comment or make a comment on any racist statement I have ever said,” she said on Wednesday.

I have … as an Australian … a right to question immigration and multiculturalism, which I don’t believe is helping our country.

“I believe in people coming here, assimilating, becoming Australians and be proud of this country and abide by the laws of the land.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.”

Ms Hanson said the major political parties feared her.  (They certainly do.)

“Why? Because they know I’ve always spoken out, I expose them for what they are,” she said.

“They want to hold onto their power and the positions.

“It is in the people’s interest of NSW to ensure that I am on the floor of NSW.”

Ms Hanson is to stand for an upper house seat with a group of 16 independents but conceded it would be a “battle” to get elected.

Ms Hanson said she had been thinking about making a political comeback since last year, with voters urging her to stand.

Parliamentary accountability and law and order reforms would be high on her agenda.

“Something I’d like to consider and put to the government is the separation of powers of the police force to the parliament,” she said.

“I don’t think the police force should be controlled by a minister of police.

“They could look at separating them. So they (police) can get on and do their job.”

She also said she was “completely against” Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s carbon tax.

On the subject of Ms Keneally, Ms Hanson said, “I think she’s a very nice lady but she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.”

“Diversity’  news from Oz:

Are any of these threats from Buddhists or Presbyterians?

Bear in mind that this is a threat that’s been almost entirely imported over the past 30 years, yet restrictions on further such imports are considered too rude for serious debate:

THE terror threat posed by extremists Muslims is alive and well, says the head of the NSW Police counter-terrorism team, whose officers are now investigating 12 cases. (source)

7 thoughts on “Hanson enters NSW election race”

  1. Pauline says she is not racist. Well either am I, but our Prime Minister, presently sucking up to the King of The World, says anyone who says anything contrary to her policies is a racist. So we are all racist just like Pauline is not. When we lose our voice as citizens, and cannot defend ourselves, this gives the government unreasonable power.

    They keep bringing up in the Media and especially the moronic George Negus, that she had been gaoled for electoral fraud. Let me say this to you George, “Is there is not one federal or state politician guilty of lies or fraud or fraudulent accusations against others?

    What George and others neglect to tell viewers is that the charges against Pauline were dropped and she only had to spend 11 weks in gaol which was a terrible thing to do to her. This was such a travesty of justice, not because she did anything wrong, but was preceived to have done something. It was expedient for Tony Abbott at the time to be rid of her. He was the one behind her going to gaol. Pauline Hanson was the first politician to be gaoled since the famous Eureka Stockade trial of Peter Lalor who went on to be quite a force in the Victorian Parliament.

    The thing is, in my opinion there are more politicians worthy of a gaol sentence than Pauline Hanson. She was duped. As I said before, if Pauline had had the benefit of an Education paid for by the Australian people like some of the talent in the parliament today, she would wiped the floor with them. She was hounded and laughed at because she did not know the meaning of words that many Australians would still not know today.

    If you are wealthy, can hire the best lawyers money can buy, you can beat any rap. Is this justice? It is unfair in the extreme, but this is what politicians have presented to us, and we, the ones who pay for their salaries, have to cop it sweet.

    And by the way, I am not a Hansonite. But I will defend her right to say and use Free Speech. She will have a lot more support this time round than she did before. At last a voice for some of the people. Lets hope the verbal Thugs in both parties leave this “have a go Australian woman” free from the verbal abuse of the past. What day was it yesterday? International, bloody Women’s Day. If you say so Love. The Australian Fair Go is Going, going, gone.

  2. Now watch the MSN reporters elbow one another out of the way to cast the first stone to condemn Ms. Hanson.Wayne Swan might use terms like “lunatic ravings” as a point of truth as he did when asked,pre-election, about rumours of a carbon tax.

  3. I cant remember if Pauline Hanson was ever caught telling lies. However, those throwing the stones at her have. Like, “Children Overboard” Reith, Howard, and Abbott. And, now we have the new liar Julia Gillard strutting her stuff in America. Liars it seems go from strength to strength.

    Have you noticed how the cartoons of Margaret Thatcher and Julia Gillard are very similar. Both women caught telling lies. Now Thatcher is known as Baroness Thatcher. After the Faulklands fiasco, they promoted her. Hahahahahahah. While her wounded soldiers came home from the Faulklands and were abandoned by the country they fought for and many are still suffering. Once they came home wounded, lives ruined, no arms, no legs, well you are not a lot a use to any war monger. You just cant pull the trigger for them anymore. War, glorious war!

    Julia, you are no Bodicea, Queen of the Icini. You are just another ranger from the black hills of Wales, where they sleep with their animals. Read Bruce Chatwin’s On the Black Hills for a great discription of this.

    What does it take for an honest person to make it?

  4. Both of the major political parties are running scared. They are aware of the mood of the people.
    Pauline is anything but racist’
    She was torn to pieces after her maiden speech to the Parliament,
    There was nothing racist in that

    Just honest to goodness truth from the heart

    Pauline Hanson’s maiden speech in federal parliament with an excellent analysis

    Tuesday, 10th September 1996.

  5. Well,bugger me,Pauline says she’s coming back,and ALL political parties panic,go for it, Pauline

  6. Pauline Hanson is the only Politician with the guts to say what most Australians voice privately.
    First of all, there is no such a thing as ‘RACIST’. We are biased and prejudiced but cannot be racist as we all belong to the same human race.
    I hope Pauline wins her seat and thumbs her nose at Christine Keneally. At least Pauline Hanson is a TRUE BLUE AUSSIE and not some migrant from overseas holding the highest offices in N.S.W and Federal Parliament.

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