You have no idea how corrupt and deceitful the leftist media really is….

Video Smoking Gun: NPR Loathes Normal Americans

NPR hobnobs with undercover reporters posing as Muslim Brotherhood front group, VP rails against “white, middle-America, gun-toting racists” Project Veritas video:

This sting site was the front for a ruse to see if NPR was jihadist-sympathizing. They didn’t just take the bait, they surprised even the most jaded among us.

MSNBC Host Refuses to Read Own ‘Facts’ & Name ‘Black Separatists’ as Hate Group

In this video from Project Veritas, Ron Schiller, NPR Foundation’s senior VP for development, laments the lack of “educated elites,” says the Republican Party has been hijacked by Tea Partiers who are a “weird Evangelical kind of move [sic],” and talks about “Islamophobia,” xenophobia, and the need for more Muslim voices in the media.

What kind of voices? He does not raise an eyebrow when the reporters say they are with the Muslim Brotherhood (they say they are looking to contribute $5 million to public media), he does not protest when one discusses the importance of giving the views of Hamas and Hizballah alongside that of Israel, and he is sympathetic when the reporters discuss “Zionist” bias in the media.

And Schiller says that, in the interest of independence, “it is very clear that we would be better off in the long run without federal funding,” and that NPR only gets a small portion of its funding from the government anyway.

Watch, watch again, and tell a friend. Schiller’s wish may yet come true.

2 thoughts on “You have no idea how corrupt and deceitful the leftist media really is….”

  1. Here is you typical Barack Obama supporter:

    ………and then we have this:

    This is why the country is in the mess we are in. These are the typical people who support and vote for Democrats. Why do they vote this way. A simple answer of one word: “Entitlements”. The Party of Free!

    Video – Your typical Union member which Barack Obama backs 100% is seen threatening a Tea Party member at a rally:

  2. Perhaps it will take the “Uneducated” to defeat the Muslim “Uneducated”

    It is very scary for a Muslim to come face to face with another gun tooting citizen. Muslims like to hold all the toys of war and use them on us. Middle America still cling to the right to carry guns. I was always against this, but I have changed my mind.

    Australians can no longer defend themselves. Howard made sure of that. Now, the only people carrying guns are Police, who often use them on the wrong people. Some easy target, like one of the boys bombed out on drugs. The others are the majority of the Muslim community who also have plenty of weapons to use on us at will. (Court cases have proven this and NSW Police website indicate this on a daily basis). Another three of the criminals were shot two days ago to the fear of the entire suburb in Sydney.

    Once the average Aussie crim who wanted to burn out his car would do so in the backblocks of Mt. Druitt or St. Marys. Didnt carry a gun, but just went home and reported the thieft to the police. Then claim. Today, to claim the insurance on the car, you dont have to do this. It is all so easy now. You just drive the unwanted car to Auburn and the new face of criminality namely Islam, will pick up your car for you, rebirth it in Granville, and then we are able to claim the insurance on our stolen car, because the said car will never be found, unless you are planning a trip to Lebanon or Asia.

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