Moral Midget Ban Ki Moonbat Calls Settlements in Judea & Samaria "Morally Unsustainable"

More dirty tricks from the “Palestinians”:

MAHMOUD ABBAS’S Palestinian Authority has made no secret of its intention to secure UN support for the establishment of Palestine by September.

Veteran negotiator Erekat reiterated only this week – in comments that were noticed and circulated to all Israeli legations by the Foreign Ministry on Tuesday – that “the Palestinian leadership institutions (the PLO and Fatah) have decided to submit a request to the UN for recognition of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, with its capital in East Jerusalem.” The matter was now in the hands of Abbas, Erekat said, but added that “Palestine” needed to submit its request for full membership to the Security Council “as soon as possible.” Then the council, in turn, would “ask the member states of the UN General Assembly to recognize the State of Palestine.” (David Horowitz)
There is more blather about “Two State Solution & Peace Process” and the usual  creepy  accusations against Jews building in their own land.  The UN has done enough damage, the UN has to go!

Read it if you want, @ Haaretz

Hillel Neuer blasts Council members who violate human rights
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Judenrein Palistain:

PIJ leader: “Palestine is land for all Muslims.” Um, what about Christians?

An Islamic Jihad leader has condemned the Israeli airstrike that killed a member of his group this morning, in response to rocket fire.

One of the things he said is interesting:

Palestine is holy ground, a royal land, and it is not for the Palestinians only , but for all Muslims.” (Land for Muslims means Muslims only)

Just Firecrackers:

Obama, the Israel-hatin’ gift that keeps on givin’:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration announced on Wednesday that it will seek a new term on the United Nations Human Rights Council despite concerns that the panel remains a hotbed of anti-Israel sentiment and a forum for repressive nations to deflect attention from abuses they may have committed.

Our Nobel Peace Prize laureate Moonbat Messiah is even more hawkish than W, according to Mark Halperin of left-liberal Time: President Pencilneck Goes to War (Moonbattery)

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  1. He is about to hand Al Kaeda Libya, a country with large petrol deposits, and has been able to convince the U.S. that it is all for a good cause!

    When will we not see through this! We are about to give4 AL Kaeda a life line?….no! the very rope to hang the West with!

    What does this make Obama?

    When will our politicians in Congress and the Senate begin to see what is really happening?

    It is not about saving civilian lives …but giving Al kaeda, our worst enemy, control of petroleum in the heart of the West?

    How blind we have become. Truly, we are lost with this leadership…or being led by the hand to our own destruction.

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