Glenn Beck: I stand with Israel!

“Our administration is siding against the wrong side. They are standing against good and encouraging evil.” So said Glenn on his Fox News show tonight, chiding the Obama administration for giving the cold shoulder to Israel. “I stand tonight with Israel,” he said. “Why are we standing with all those who are against Israel?” he said, referring perhaps to the fact that the U.S. is supporting Libyan rebels, some of whom have al Qaeda ties.

“While everyone complains about all the evil that Israel has done to the Arabs…tens of millions of Arabs–tens of millions–have suffered atrocities at the hands of their own countries. Gays are still tortured today and killed. Bloggers, jailed without cause. Women, humiliated, raped, and murdered. Dissidents, killed. Protesters, shot. Terrorists, born. Suicide bombers given by their mothers. But Israel is the evil one? That’s the obstacle to peace?”

“Let me ask you this…How many terrorists are wearing a yarmulke?”