My Allah is better than yours, part #278075

A Pair of White Muslim Extremists Threaten Usama Hasan

‘The Spittoon’ discovers a “cowardly crusade” amongst Muslims. Funny that. I thought Muslims wage jihad and only primitive savages like us  wage ‘crusades’.

The Grunard is onto it:

London imam subjected to death threats for supporting evolution

Any Muslim who believes in evolution is an “apostate” who “must be executed”.

That’s right. But its not the kind of ‘evolution’ you’re thinking of. Its about the  right of women to go unveiled.

An imam of an east London mosque has been subject to death threats and intimidation for expressing his views on evolution and women’s right to refuse the veil.

Dr Usama Hasan, vice-chairman at Leyton mosque and a senior lecturer in engineering at Middlesex University, ceased delivering Friday prayers after 25 years of service when 50 Muslim protesters disrupted his lecture by handing out leaflets against him and shouting in the mosque for his execution.

A statement from the secretary of the mosque, Mohammad Sethi, that was leaked to extremist websites, said Hasan had been suspended after his lecture resulted in “considerable antagonism” from the community and for his “belief that Muslim women are allowed to uncover their hair in public”.

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  1. I truly hope that your website is not in favour of muslim women taking off their veil , What has us poor people ever done to you that would make you inflict their ugliness on us? . All i can say is ,,,Think before you unveil lol.

  2. Dr.Usama Hasan is a physicist and is he supposed to believe scientific wisdom like this from the Quran. Verse 18:87 “Till, when he(Alexander the Great)reached the setting place of the sun, he found it setting in a muddy spring….”

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