If KRudd can't fix it, who can?

WTF is KRudd doing in Abu Dhabi?

Turns out he wants to get Israelis and Palestinians to “unite” against Iran.

IT IS crucial that Israel and the Palestinians reach an agreement this year in order to block Iran’s increasing influence in the Middle East, according to Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd.

Mr Rudd is almost two weeks into an epic tour of the Middle East and Europe, having already been to Afghanistan, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, South Africa and Egypt. The Age

In other news:

The Islamist Monitor tries to explain, but unfortunately nothing will ever penetrate. KRuddy knows best…..

Meanwhile, back on the home front:

Stealing your money to explain why they must steal more

The peasants need to be educated: Ms Gillard refused to rule out an advertising campaign on the carbon tax.

‘’From time to time we advertise to get necessary information out. I’m not going to rule in or out government advertising,’’ she told ABC’s 7.30.

How do we explain to our pretend-to-be Foreign Minister that:

a) so called Palestinians (term used by the media and the “progressives” to describe Muslim Invaders of Judea and Samaria) are financed and armed by Iran and therefore cannot oppose it’s growing influence in the region.

b) Palestinians cannot unite among themselves (P.A. vs. Hamas) and it is very silly to expect them to have a common policy to deal with Israel.

c) “an urgency from Australia’s perspective in doing so” doesn’t mean jack to anybody but Kevin Rudd himself

While Mr Rudd would not share his evaluation of relations between the Israeli government and Palestinian representatives, he did comment on the relationship between the two main Palestinian factions, Fatah and Hamas. And, he said, Australia as a major donor to the Palestinian Authority had an interest in bringing the factions together.(source)

4 thoughts on “If KRudd can't fix it, who can?”

  1. O Kevin. It’s a bit like O Muriel. Look Kevie, shut upa you clown face, you are no longer leader of the free world. Meglomania is rife. Those is the Muslim world will be sitting back in their tents today and having the biggest belly laugh at you amid the squeels of little girls and small animals.

    It was a better, although contemptuous look we had of you wading knee deep in the Brisbane floods. Leave it alone mate, come home, even though your country does not need you.

  2. Catherine, we don’t need him here, not at all, but at least he isn’t wasting our money by big-noting himself somewhere overseas, just as Jooliar cries (on queue?) in front of the US congress. Geez, I had to change channels about 8 times this morning trying to avoid seeing that spectacle again and hold breakfast down.

    When the NBN is all up and running they won’t have to go on jaunts around the world like this…wait, gotta change channels again…as I was saying, they won’t have to travel the world, just do a video conferencing thingy. Yeah, right!

  3. Hey Rossco,

    I bet you London to a brick that Kevie will be sitting back playing the song “It coulda been me”. Or “It shoulda been me”. And Kevie, it could have been you if you had only tossed the ranga.

    And right again Rossco, it made me sick too. Last week she had Muslims in the gallery at Parliament house, sucking up, today sucking up to the gold old Yankie back slapping machine. She is beginning to cry as easily as Bob Hawke – right on cue. Labor is as Labor does.

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