"Sydney Sheik Will Die for Democracy"

Sydney Sheik wants to die.

But before he dies, he wants aid. Or money. Democracy. Or something:

Sheikh Zuway says the international community needs to do more.


“People here, they did not hear anything about Australia … they are a good people, yet why they did not do anything? Why didn’t they send us some aid, some[one] very high up [in] responsibility? he said.

Sheikh Naser Zuway travelled to Benghazi last week to protect his wife and children who were holidaying in Libya.  (source) thanks to Islam Monitor

Libya is on the brink of civil war as the battle for control of the country intensifies. (ABC)

Sh. Naser Zuway, Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police Tony Negus and Sh. Fawaz Kamaz

Trad shocked

Drew Warne-Smith/Australian (thanks to Mullah)

A PROMINENT Islamic community group that planned to present a peace prize to the son of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi has withdrawn his nomination after his support for the violent suppression of demonstrations in his homeland.

(Prominent?  What makes a group of  bludgers prominent?)

Keysar Trad, from the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia, confirmed his organisation had intended to award Saif al-Islam Gaddafi its Champion of Cultural Inclusion prize for 2011.

He had been nominated by members of the Libyan community in Australia for his work freeing political prisoners detained for opposing his father’s regime and securing the release of Bulgarian nurses wrongly accused of infecting children with HIV.

Hmm, what a racket that was. His father created a problem that only his favorite son could solve? How slick!

“He was seen as a progressive; he had worked to improve relations with the West, but he had us all fooled,” Mr Trad told The Australian. “Honestly, we are all shocked. What he is doing in Libya is completely unacceptable.

“A worthy recipient of this award would have defected on the first day and criticised what his father’s regime is doing. Anything short of that is not good enough.”

Saif, 38, is Colonel Gaddafi’s second son and is regarded as a key political adviser.

Saif has been very active supporting the global jihad for many years. That SOB has a lot of blood on his hands….

In recent interviews he has denied the death of civilians , but at the same time has been filmed telling supporters his father’s regime would provide them with weapons to help quell the uprising.

The Islamic Friendship Association is yet to confer the prize on a new recipient, which is awarded for those who help resolve conflict through dialogue.


Amnesia under fire:

London, 4 March (AKI) – Libyan medical teams have told Amnesty International how they came under fire from pro-Gaddafi security forces on Thursday while carrying out their medical work.

For all I care they can shoot them all. Amnesia has never done anything useful in the counter jihad.

Thanks to Aussie we have a whole dossier on Trad:

Trad has been trashed by justice

Piers Akerman
Friday, July 31, 2009

Australian Labor’s “celebrity Muslim” Keysar Trad has been found to be a racist by Supreme Court

Judgement passed on Islams finest

Keysar Trad defamation case against 2GB’s Jason Morrison dismissed

Richard Maxton with AAP

A defamation case taken out against Macquarie Radio by Islamic Friendship Association spokesman Keysar Trad has been dismissed, with the Supreme court judge finding he has racist views.

4 thoughts on “"Sydney Sheik Will Die for Democracy"”

  1. Re: ” (Prominent? What makes a group of bludgers prominent?)”

    Sheik, a truer word never spoken, you nailed it, BLUDGERS.

    Cheers Aussie.

  2. Re the civil war in Libya. That will be Europe in a few years time; civil war between muslims and non-muslims.

  3. I hope he dies – one less terrorist in our midst. Islam is total democracy so they tell us. They are allowed to do whatever they like to us. We however have no democratic right to speak up against them. I wonder what the ladies in the full burqu are doing today on this International Womens Day. Like their sisters in Afghanistan – copping a bashing I suppose. Another religious experience.

    When all the dust settles in the Middle East, they will all go back to the same old situation. It begins in Egypt again now. One monster will be replaced by another. Whatever they get, it will be Islam. Democratic Islam that is. You gotta laugh.

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