There's a riot going on….


More coming every day: Just in time for the next Christmas Island riot

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Our caring, compassionate  elites are taking us past the point of no return…..(Riot)

Andrew Bolt:

Compassion to boat people sure hurts

An absolute farce, but it is being “managed” … (thanks to Mullah)

Second night of rioting at Christmas Island centre

By Jeremy Thompson/ABC

For the second night running rioting asylum seekers have damaged the Christmas Island detention facility.

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen says up to 200 detainees destroyed closed-circuit television cameras and lit a fire.

He says there was no direct confrontation and federal police officers were able to regain control without the use of tear gas, which was used to quell a larger riot on Sunday night.

“What we are seeing at Christmas Island is a group of up to 300 who are determined to engage in protest action,” Mr Bowen said.

“Clearly we have a difficult situation with ongoing tension – but it is being managed. I don’t underplay the seriousness of this event or the difficulties of this event.”

In other news:

Why the Hell don’t they go begging to one of 57 Muslim countries? Or how about back to Morocco? We don’t want anymore of the world’s Muslim refuse.

“The children, the children”

The riots follow a break-out of the facility last week of 170 detainees who staged a demonstration at the airport complaining of slow processing of their visa applications.

Mr Bowen conceded Sunday night’s violent protest was sparked by security officers rounding up and handcuffing 10 detainees alleged to be ringleaders of the break-out.

“That is largely true, there was an effort undertaken to ensure that those who were organising the protest were effectively handled and that did lead to the other protesters engaging in violent activity,” Mr Bowen said.

Mr Bowen has already announced an independent inquiry will be held into Sunday night’s riot where federal police used tear gas.

Refugee support groups have said they were told rubber bullets were used on Sunday night and may have broken the leg of a detainee.

“The AFP felt that it was appropriate to use tear gas and they will make statements about what other material they use,” Mr Bowen said.

Mr Bowen says some detainees are unhappy about slow processing and others that their visa applications have been turned down, meaning they will have to return to their home countries.

He says a new, faster processing method has just been put into place and he is working with ASIO to security screen 900 people already assessed as refugees.

Column – Compassion to boat people sure hurts

ONE of the signs that you’ve become an adult—politically speaking—is that you know the difference between seeming and doing.

And that you start judging more by the latter, not the juvenile former.

Take the shambles on Christmas Island, with rioting boat people now being teargassed.

In 2008, the then Rudd government relaxed the boat people laws.

This, the media agreed, was terrific. Labor candidate Prof George Williams summed up the mood: “A clear break has been made from the Howard era . . . This . . . approach is more compassionate.”


Here are the results so far of this more “compassionate” policy.

Boat arrivals, down to an average of just three a year for six years before this “compassion”, shot to record levels.

We now have more than 6000 people in immigration detention, another record.

We’ve also had up to 200 people since lured to their deaths at sea, some dying in front of the cameras on Christmas Island.

We have had riots in detention centres by Afghan and Pakistani men pretending to be boys, in order to qualify to bring over their families, too.

We have had new arrivals squished into tents at Christmas Island and crammed into motels on the mainland.

And now these latest disturbances, with hundreds of detainees breaking out of their Christmas Island camp, and some having to be sprayed with teargas when they menaced security staff.

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  1. The Afghans must be put on notice that their children who are cast adrift will be given asylum on the condition they become Christian and the moment they apostatise from Christianity they will have to go back to Afghanistan.
    No, the Australian government wouldn’t dare but this exactly what will happen to Christian kids if they are found in Afghanistan.

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