Downunder updates

Bleeding hearts for the Muselmanic invasion:

“The rally will show solidarity with the refugees locked up in Villawood”  (Aussie News & Views)

No Homo’s to see here:

Asylum seekers “massive use”  of Condoms in MALE only Detention Centres

Detainee’s are demanding and receiving large numbers of Condoms. A lot of “unaccompanied “ young boys are mixed in amongst the inmates, and are reportedly been used by older stronger males in the same way young boys are used for homosexual sexual acts in many of the Islamic countries they ran away from.

What You Been Waiting For

Just Looking Around:

MSNBC reports:

Progressive Disposal

Earth Day co-founder killed, composted girlfriend

(Gaia would approve)

Compassionate Arson

More where the Villawood rioters came from

It has been reported that as many as 100 people were involved in the riots and violence. This seems a high number. The point, however, is that the history of such riots and the operation of the Migration Act leave no basis for confidence that the criminal behaviour, in its own right, will make the individuals ineligible for a visa.

The torching of Labor’s deadly “compassion”

Oh, how the media applauded. The Age declared that “a stain was removed from the soul of this nation” and “Australia began the process of restoring some of its lost humanity”.

‘Caring & Compassionate Labor’


Can’t run a grocery website, can’t run a government. As previously noted: “Nothing this mob does ever works. Big or small, within the party or outside, they always stuff it up.”

5 thoughts on “Downunder updates”

  1. Jesus wept, support rally on Anzac day? How F***ing insulting.

    Give me a 22 and a few minutes, I get that vermin of the roofs in Villawood!

  2. Sometimes I wonder what planet the ‘refugee advocates’ are on. Certainly not on the same planet as most Australians.

    “ Asylum seekers haven’t committed any crime and shouldn’t be imprisoned. It’s not illegal to arrive by boat and ask Australia for protection. When you lock people up and treat them like animals, it’s entirely predictable that they will be driven to desperate acts. ”

    These people are not asylum seekers, but invaders who have had their claim to be refugees rejected.

    How come other groups of people who have come to Australia don’t commit acts of violence and destruction?

    The Villawood thugs have committed crimes and should be dealt with according to the law. Then deported pronto!

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