Erdogan Wants to Demolish Turkish-Armenian ‘Friendship’ Statue In Kars

Because it reminds people of the Armenian Genocide which, as we all know, no Turk could commit:

“A Muslim could not commit genocide….”

(Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish PM)

The statue’s sculptor, Mehmet Aksoy: “Erdogan will become the first prime minister, who will destroy a monument to peace.”

KARS, Turkey (Combined Sources)–Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has ordered the destruction of a giant monument to friendship between Turkey and Armenia, reports from Ankara said on Monday, RFE/RL reported.


The 30-meter (100-foot) unfinished concrete statue, located in the northeastern Turkish city of Kars close to the Armenian border, was commissioned in 2006 to promote dialogue and reconciliation between the two countries. It depicts two figures emerging from one human shape and symbolizing the pain of division.

Visiting Kars on Sunday, Erdogan reportedly described the monument as a “monstrosity” that overshadows a nearby Islamic shrine. The AFP news agency cited Turkish media as saying that he ordered the Kars mayor, a member of his ruling Justice and Development Party, to replace it with a park.

It was not clear if Erdogan referred to Kars’s 10th century Armenian church of Surp Arakelots (Holy Apostles). It was converted into a mosque after the city and the surrounding region was cleansed of its Armenian population during the Armenian Genocide of 1915 and captured from a short-lived independent Armenian republic and incorporated into modern-day Turkey in 1920.

Opponents of Erdogan’s Islamic rooted government were critical of his comments, with former culture minister Ercan Karakas saying that they are a “shame” and that “the sculpture is neither strange nor ugly,” according to AFP.

The former Mayor of Kars, Naif Alibeyoglu, under whose administration the statue was erected, described Erdogan’s statements as “monstrous” in an interview with NTV television in which he sought to justify the building of the statue.

“We sought to erect a monument to humanity. We have attempted to send a message of humanity to this militant world, having lost human values,” said Alibeyoglu, who has been a supporter of the unconditional normalization of relations between Armenia and Turkey. “We built this monument as counterbalance to genocide monuments in Armenia and Igdir, as monuments to genocide fueled vendetta between the two nations.”

The statue’s sculptor, Mehmet Aksoy, defended his work, saying on NTV that its destruction would recall the demolition by the Taliban of ancient Buddhist statues in Afghanistan’s Bamiyan valley in 2001 that stunned the world.

“What explanation will be given to the world if the monument to humanity and peace is ruined?” Askol said. “Erdogan will become the first prime minister, who will destroy a monument to peace.”

Turkey’s Culture Minister Ertugrul Gunay was quoted by the Associated Press as saying that a decision about the monument’s fate will be made in consultation with the artist. Gunay noted that it was placed on a historic site of war.

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  1. Erdogan can do whatever he wants, BUT we will NEVER forget the Armenian genocide committed by the Turks. It is a fact of history & NOTHING will ever change it, not even a re-writing of history that is presently under way by islam.



    The German Consul from Mosul related, in my presence, at the German club at Aleppo that, in many places on the road from Mosul to Aleppo, he had seen children’s hands lying hacked off in such numbers that one could have paved the road with them. In the German hospital at Ourfa there was a little girl who had had both her hands hacked off.

    As I returned on 15 September 1915 from a three month trip from Beirut to Aleppo, I heard with horror that a new period of Armenian massacres had begun. It was more gruesome than the previous one under Abdul Hamid. The purpose was to completely destroy the intelligent, hard working, and advanced race of the Armenians, and to get their hands on their possessions.

    At first I did not believe that this horrendous news was true. I was told that in some quarters in Aleppo they had masses of starving people who were left-overs from the “deportation-transports.” To give the solution to wipe out the Armenians a political cover, military reasons were given which made it necessary to evict the Armenians from their homes, which they had since 2500 years, and to drive them into the Arabian desert. In addition, they claimed that some Armenians were involved in espionage.

    After I researched all the happenings and received information from all sides, I came to the conclusion that all accusations against the Armenians were really very minor situations and that they were used as an excuse to punish 10,000 for one accused, to act in the most brutal way against innocent women and children, and to organize a starving deportation with the purpose of wiping out an entire nation.

    To make sure that my observations were correct, I made it a point to visit all places where Armenians were kept – those left over from the deportation-transports. I found in abandoned Karawanserein (Khans), heaps of dead persons and decaying bodies, among them some still alive, who just about gave their last breath. In other courtyards, I found masses of sick and starving, nobody taking care of them. Around the German Gymnasium were four such Karanwanserein, each holding 700 to 800 deportees. All were dying from hunger. We teachers and the students had to pass this daily. Through the open windows we saw daily the sorry figures, clad in rags and just skin and bones. Our students and teachers had to pass in the narrow streets the two-wheeled ochcarts with the 8-10 bodies – no caskets or blankets, arms and legs dangling down on the sides of the carts.

    As a teacher in the German Institution, I found it to be my duty to make this report:

    It seems to be my duty to warn that, for the future, we will not receive respect and honor from the natives here if the German Government fails to stop this brutal treatment against the women and children of the murdered Armenians. From transports of 2,000 to 3,000 persons, departing their homeland Armenia, only 200 to 300 made it to the south. The men were beaten to death along the way; the women and girls, except the little ones and not-so-good looking ones, were misused by the officers and soldiers, and, after that, taken to Turkish and Kurdish villages and forced to accept Islam.

    The rest of the caravan they tried to eliminate by refusing food and water, even when passing a river they gave no permission to drink. For a day’s ration they sprinkled some flour on their hands, which they licked off only to extend the death of hunger longer. Across the street from the German Gymnasium, in which we as teachers teach, lays in one of the Khans the rest of the caravan. About 400 starved, skinny figures, about 100 children among them (5-7 years old), most of them sick with typhoid and dysentery.

    If one enters the yard, one has the feeling of entering an asylum. If you bring some food, you see that they have forgotten how to eat. Through months of starvation, their weakened stomach is unable to accept food. You give them bread, they just lay it aside. They lay still there and wait for death.

    How can we teachers tell our students German stories or stories from the Bible about the Good Samaritan? How can we dictate meaningless words, when around our German Gymnasium the courtyards are filled with the dying countrymen of our Armenian students? This is like a slap in our face and makes a mockery of our feelings.

    And the poor victims, whom one forced by the thousands into the desert, almost only women and children left, what will become of them? They were forced to march from village to village, until from the thousands, only hundreds are left, and now only a small amount still exists. Even them they force on until they, too, are dying. Only then, according to the newspapers, have the Armenians reached their destination and the new living quarters. “Ta’alim el aleman” this is the teaching of the Germans, this is the answer of the simple Turk when asked about the start of the new rules. And the educated Turks among the Moslems are sure that the Germans, to honor the pact with Turkey, will not protest or try to stop these gruesome acts. Even more sensitive and refined Mohammedans, Arabs, and Turks shake their heads in disgust and do not even hide their tears when they witness beatings of the deportees by the Turkish soldiers on the way through the city. The soldiers even beat pregnant women and dying persons who no longer can march on. They cannot believe that their government ordered this and blame the Germans, whom they consider their teachers during the war. Even the Mullahs in the mosques preach that the German officers ordered the destruction of the Armenians.

    The happenings, which everyone has witnessed since months here, are a disgraceful dark spot in our shield of honor and in the minds of the countries here. Not to lose sanity in regard to the German character, for which they had the highest respect until now, some of the educated people here think this way: the German people are most likely unaware of the horrible massacres which are presently staged against the Christians in Turkey. Otherwise, how can this be, with the German love for the truth, that the newspapers are just writing about a few Armenians who were spies and therefore executed as traitors? Others say it is because Germany’s hands are tied due to certain agreements. It is known to me that the Embassy in Constantinople was made aware of all, but nothing has changed and the deportation-transports continue. It is for this reason I feel I must make this report. At the time I wrote this report, the German Consul in Aleppo was temporarily replaced by Consul Hoffmann from Alexadrette. Consul Hoffmann told me that the Consulates in Alexandrette, Aleppo, and Mossul were fully aware of the situation, but my report as an eyewitness was a welcome addition to the existing documents and he would forward this to the Embassy in Constantinople. Now I worked out a report in the official way detailing all the conditions in the Khan across from our school. Consul Hoffmann also wanted to add some photos which he had taken. They showed lots of dead bodies, with still living children crawling among them or doing the necessary thing.

    The revised version of my report was finally also signed by my fellow educators, Dr. Graeter and Mrs. Marie Spiecker. Also the President of our Institution, Director Huber, signed it and added some words to it: “The report of our colleague Niepage is in no way exaggerated Sine weeks we live here in an air full of odors of illness and death. Only the hope of a quick change enables us to carry on.”

    The change did not happen. I thought of resigning as a German teacher in a German Gymnasium with the reason that as an educator and as Ambassador for German Kultur to another country, one could not at the same time do nothing and leave the countrymen of our students to a horrendous death of hunger. However, the leader of the Institution, Director Huber, and my colleagues talked me out of it. I was reminded that it was important for us to remain and to be witnesses to what happened. We hoped that our presence would discourage the Turks from being so inhumane to the poor victims. Now I know that I was too long a silent witness of this horrible wrongdoing.

    Through our presence nothing changed. We could do little. Mrs. Spiecker, our heroic and brave colleague, purchased soap, and whoever was still in our area got soaped and cleaned of lice. There were only women and children, no men were left. Mrs. Spiecker engaged women who could still stand up to boil soup. Myself, I distributed, every evening for the next 6 weeks, two buckets of tea, cheese, and softened bread among the dying children. As the typhoid of the houses of death spread over the city, I and five of my colleagues also got ill and had to stop with our help. Anyhow, for the deportees who came to Aleppo, there was little hope left. We could only show some kindness to these dying people.

    What we witnessed was the last scene of the total massacre of the Armenian people. It was only a small part of what happened in many provinces of Turkey. We hear many horrific reports of the engineers of the Baghdadbahn when they came back from those areas, or from German travelers who passed the caravans of the deportees. Some of those men were unable to eat for days after seeing such horror.

    One Mr. Greif, Aleppo, reported that next to the raildamm by Tell Abiad and Raz ul Uin, masses of raped women lay naked there. Many of them had sticks pushed into their rear. Another, Mr. Spiecker from Aleppo, witnessed as Turks bound a bunch of Armenian men together, then shot bird rifles into the mass, then left laughing as the men convulsed and died. Other men they tied their hands, then rolled them down hills. At the bottom of the hill stood women (Turkish) armed with knives and they knifed them to death. A Protestant Minister who had been a gracious host two years earlier to Dr. Greater was tormented by having his fingernails pulled out.

    The German Consul from Mossul reported in my presence in the German Casino in Aleppo that on his way from Mossul to Aleppo he saw so many chopped off childrens’ hands that you could have paved a street with them. In the German Hospital in Urfa is a little patient who had both hands chopped off. By an Arabic village, Mr. Holstein, a German Consul from Mossul, observed flat digs with bodies of Armenians. The Arabs of that village told him that they had killed them on orders of the government. One was very proud that he alone killed eight.

    In many Christian homes in Aleppo I found Armenian girls hidden. Through fate, they either could no longer go on with the caravan and were left for dead, or they were too exhausted and the Christians purchased them for a small amount of money from a Turk, who earlier had raped them. All those were girls were like insane. I know some of them were for months unable to say a word, let alone smile. A fourteen year old girl was taken in by Mr. Krauss in Aleppo, who was the Manager of the Baghdadbahn. The girl was in one night so often raped by Turkish soldiers that she lost her mind. I saw how, with hot lips, in her state of mind, she rolled back and forth on her pillow. I barely could force some water into her mouth. A German acquaintance saw, near Urfa, hundreds of Christian farmer women who were forced to strip naked and, to the amusement of the Turkish soldiers, to drag themselves in over 100 degree heat through the desert, until their skin was totally burned. Another saw a Turkish soldier force a baby from a mother’s lap and smash it against a rock.

    Further eyewitness reports, and worse ones at that, you will find in the many reports of the German Consulates in Alexandrette, Aleppo, and Mossul, which were forwarded to the Embassy in Constantinople. The Consuls are of the opinion that as of now there were one million Armenians massacred in the last few months. From this number, they assume that half of them were women and children – either killed or starved to death.

    It is a matter of conscience to speak about these things. Although the government was only considering this as a political issue within the country, so looks the execution of their goals also as a way to fight Christians. All of the approximate 10,000 Armenian women and girls who were taken to Turkish harems, and the masses of children who were distributed among the Turks and Kurds, had to adopt Islam. The curse word “Giaur” was even used against us Germans.

    In Adana I saw masses of Armenian children taken through the streets by Turkish soldiers. Their parents had been murdered and the children had to become Muslims. In another place, the Armenians were asked to make a petition to be accepted in the Moslem religion. To put sand into the eyes of the Europeans, they were told that religion was not a toy and, therefore, they preferred to execute them. Men like Talaat Bei and Enver Pasha told the high class Armenians, as they offered presents to them, that they had rather give them presents as Moslems. To a newspaper reported they were saying, “Sure we punished some innocent ones, but we also have to protect ourselves for the future, as they could become guilty.” With such reasons, the Turkish Statesmen found it acceptable to kill masses of innocent women and children. A German Catholic Priest reported that Enver Pasha told the Envoy of the Vatican in Constantinople, Monsignor Dolei, that he would not rest as long as there was still one Armenian alive. The goal of the whole deportation was to totally destroy the Armenian race.

    This is also proof: the Turkish government did not permit any help from missionaries, nurses, and Europeans who lived in the country, and blocked this systematically. They even deported students who were in German schools in Adana and Aleppo, as well as orphans from the German orphanages, paying no attention to the protests of the Directors and Consuls. The offer by America to take the children to America with American ships, paid for by America, was refused.

    What the German Consuls and the many foreigners living in this country were thinking about the massacres, that will come to light one day. I cannot say what the German officers in Turkey were thinking – they kept totally silent and tried to avoid the subject.

    As Fire Marshall General von der Goltz traveled to Baghdad, he had to pass near Djerablus the Ephrat. There was a large camp of half-starved, deported Armenian children. Shortly before his arrival, as I was informed in Djerablus, they were all forced with whips to cross over the next hill a few miles away – even the dying and sick. As von der Goltz passed, there was nothing to see from this horror. Soon afterwards, together with some colleagues, we passed through this place and found in many hidden places bodies of men and children, some clothes and heads and bones, where the Schakales and wild birds had eaten the flesh.

    The writer of this report is convinced that even if the German government had the will to try to stop the Turks and to end this, it would have been impossible. Are the Turks really so fond of the Germans, as it is said, that Germany cannot admonish them and tell them they are compromising Germany to the whole world, as they are supposed to be our allies? Are we to watch as our fellow brothers in faith are slaughtered, their wives and daughters raped, their children forced to become Moslems? Do the Turks not understand that the world will either consider us weaklings, or that their barbarian acts and our silence will make us equally guilty in the eyes of the world? Are the Turks really as intelligent as they say, that with the Armenian massacre they at the same time kill the hard working people, the businessmen who brought business from/to Europe and their civilization? Are the Turks so shortsighted not to realize that by their actions the European cultural countries must come to the conclusion that Turkey will not be able to govern itself; that they forfeited the belief for all time that the Turks are a tolerant people? Is it not for the good of Turkey if Germany stops them from self-destruction?

    With this report I hope to gain the ear of the Government and its leaders. No longer can this subject be avoided in the meetings of the Commissions, as embarrassing as it is. Nothing would be more shameful for us, if using large sums of money they would erect a Turkish-German Friendshiphouse, while at the same time we were not able to protect our Christian fellow-men. Would it not be better to use this money to build orphanages for the innocent victims of the Turkish barbarians?

    After the massacre in 1909 they held a Goodwill dinner in Adana. High Turkish officials and the top Armenian clergy were in attendance. The German Consul Mr. Buege was there and told of an Armenian clergyman who gave a speech, saying, “It is true, we Armenians lost much in the days of the massacres – our men, our women, our children, and our possessions. You Turks, though, lost more – you lost your honor.”

    Should we continue to consider the massacre of the Christians an internal affair of Turkey, so we can secure their friendship? Then we have to change our cultural affairs. We must stop sending German teachers to Turkey and we must stop teaching them German literature, philosophy, our culture, and our Christianity. Three years ago I was sent by the Foreign Service to teach in the German Gymnasium in Aleppo. The Royal Provincial School Collegium insisted that I must show myself worthy of the trust they put in me by sending me there. I would not perform my duty if, as Ambassador of German Culture, I would remain silent and inactive as I witness my students, who are entrusted to my care, being forced into the desert and to death by hunger.

    If one wants to know the reason for the horrible orders by the young Turkish government against the Armenians we have to say this: the Young-Turks dream of a European, United National State. The non-Turkish Moslem Races, as the Kurds, Persians, Arabs and so on, would eventually, through schooling, and through the same interests as Mohammedans, become Turkish. Christian nations like the Armenians, Syrians, and Greeks, are a threat because of their superiority in culture and business. In the Christian religion, they consider this a block to their ambition to convert them to Islam in a peaceful way. Therefore, so they thought, they must either be eliminated or forced to become Moslems. The Turks did not realize that they cut off the branch of the tree which they sat on, so to speak.

    Who else but the Greeks, Armenians, and Syrians, who were more than a quarter of the population, would further Turkey? The Turks – the least gifted of their population in Turkey, and the minority at that – were far behind the Arabs in culture. Where do you see Turkish trade, Turkish industry, Turkish art and science? Even law, religion, and the language they borrowed from subservient Arabs.

    We teachers, who taught for many years in German Schools in Turkey, agreed that we found from among all the pupils, the pure Turks were the most unwilling and the least gifted. If a Turk accomplished something, it was mostly one who was either a Circassian Albanian or a Bulgarian Turk.

    My own observation is this – that I find the real Turks unable to create business, industry, or amount to something in science. The newspapers tell us now that the Turks are very ambitious to learn German, that even adults want to take courses and, therefore, they build schools. Of course they build schools, but what will be the result? They reported that a school started with 12 Turkish teachers as students. What they did not report was that first there were 12, then after 4 hours there were 6, then after 8 hours they were just 3. After 8 hours the course was canceled. Had the pupils been Armenians, they would have remained with the course, they would have studied hard, and they would have known German at the end of the year.

    What is the duty and that of each other Christian Cultureland in light of the Armenian massacre? We must do everything in our power to save the half million women and children still living in Turkey that were subjected to death of hunger, which is a disgrace to the whole civilized world. The hundreds of thousands of deported women and children who lay at the edge of the Mesopotamian Desert, or on one of the roads leading there, have not much time left. How long can you live when you pick pieces from the drops of horses and eat grass with this? Due to the months-long starvation and dysentery, help will come too late. There are still a few thousand, at one time wealthy and educated, Armenians in Konia … doctors, writers, businessmen … they still can be helped before they, too, are destroyed.

    Still about 1,500 healthy Armenians – men, women, children, among them grandmothers over 60 years old, children 6 and 7 years old – work along the road of Baghdadbahn between Eiran and Entellj as stonecutters and ground diggers, near the big tunnel. Presently they receive rations from the Engineer Morf from the Baghdadbahn, but their names are already registered with the Turkish government. As soon as their job is finished, in about 2 or 3 months, they will most likely no longer be useful and “assigned” to new quarters. What this means is that the men will be taken away to be slaughtered, the pretty women and girls will wind up in harems, and the rest of them will be driven into the desert, back and forth until it is finished.

    The Armenian people have a right to expect help from Germany. A few years ago, when the fear of an Armenian massacre in Cilicia developed, a German warship arrived at Mersina. The Commander visited the Armenian Catholic Bishop in Adana and promised him that as long as Germany can influence Turkey, there will be no other massacres possible, as at the time of Abdul Hamid. The same promise was given by the German Ambassador von Wangenheim to the Armenian patriarch and the leader of the Armenian National Assembly at an audience the previous year.

    Aside from our duty as Christians, we have a special duty to stop the complete massacre of the still living Armenians, as we are the Confederates of Turkey, and the only ones with some influence, after France, England, and Russia lost that. We protest vigorously against the lies that German Consuls organized the massacres. But the belief by the Turkish masses that Germany ordered the massacres cannot be erased if the German officers and diplomats do not act immediately to save a half a million women and children. Should the accusation stand that we were afraid and weak against our allied partner, then the history of German wars will forever be terribly tarnished. One would make a terrible mistake to believe that the Turkish government would stop by themselves the killing of the half a million women and children, only if the German government uses the biggest pressure will they stop.

    Shortly before I left Aleppo in May this year, the 20,000 or so deportees, women and children, working on the Baghdadbahn in Ras ul ajine, were slaughtered.

  3. You wont stop Turks from genocide. This is what they are. They love to hurt and maim women and children. I am testament. Seen it in the modern world, it still exists and will not go away. It is who they are. Genocidal Maniacs. It’s in the DNA

  4. Erdogan wants the statue destroyed because it’s higher than a neighboring mosque’s minaret. Simple as that. He’s a religious fanatic.

  5. Turkey begins dismantling monument meant to promote reconciliation between Turkey and Armenia
    It overshadows an Islamic shrine. And who needs reconciliation with those kuffar Armenians, anyway? Islamization of Turkey Update: “Turkey begins dismantling monument,” from AP, April 26 (thanks to Block Ness):

    Workers have begun dismantling a giant sculpture meant to promote reconciliation between Turkey and Armenia….
    The hulking monument had been criticized in Turkey because it overshadows an Islamic shrine in the area. During a visit to the site in January, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan called it a “freak,” prompting moves by local officials to have it removed

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