Poll Results

Will the missing birth certificate shake the Obamessiah down?

28 % said yes

18 % said no

‘Trump will shake him down’ got 36 %

18 % believe he will be reelected

New Poll starts today:

Is Terry Jones right to burn the Koran?

4 thoughts on “Poll Results”

  1. Hell Yes He was/is right to burn that evil crap qur’an!!!!! Burn the evil off of your land~

  2. My vote has been cast. Same as Margaret N Fidel’s. But, you make the choice too difficult Sheik. I would like to cast a further two votes.

  3. Islam is a Hate group and should be banned. While burning a Qur’an is more photogenic, I prefer the bacon bookmarks used by Ann Barnhardt because it lasts longer.

  4. ===” Is Terry Jones right to burn the Koran? “===

    Terry Jones has the right to do with the Koran what ever he pleases ! Smoke grass in it, wipe his ass with every second page or make a hole in it and use it as a lunch box for his ham sandwich … provided that the Koran is his personal property and legally purchased !
    Doing any of the a/m in public ( out side of his house/church ), is an offence and should be dealt by law enforcement BUT FOR COMPLETELY DIFFERENT REASONS !

    Back at the 80’s ( when the dinos walked the earth… ), While on duty and wearing a uniform, I was provoked by a Lefto-Zomboid calling me names like :- “Nazi ! Gestapo! Murderer ! Fascist ! ” etc. but when the moment of setting the flag on fire came… I mobilized all my good manners and whispered politely into the Zomboid’s ear :-
    “If you burn the flag, I’ll have to kill you !”
    “But, there is no law against it !” replied the Zombo-lawyer.
    “You are absolutely right, Sir !” I said.
    ” And there is no law that prevents me from spending 25 years of my life in jail – either !
    ” Take the ‘Shmate’ ( rag ) you stinking rotten Nazi” etc.

    I took it, and I’m going to put it on my balcony in two week time for the 63rd independence day !…

    The thing I said to the Zomboid, was not a threat !
    It was a Vow !!!

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