France, Burqa Ban

Sinister lefties:

Jordan’s War Against “Crusaders”

Jordan: Muslim Brotherhood leader says French veil ban is “crusader” war on Muslims

Jitters in France

First One Fined

French police fined the first woman for wearing a full-face Islamic veil on the same day the ban came into force, a police source said Tuesday. The woman, in the Mureaux district of Paris, was fined 150 euros.

The Usual Suspects Protest

UAF joint secretary thug Weyman Bennett said:

It is unacceptable that a group of racist thugs has attacked a demo calling for freedom of religious and cultural expression for Muslim women.

We believe that by targeting Muslims with measures like the niqab ban, French president Nicolas Sarkozy is opening the door and providing dangerous encouragement to racist and fascist groups (scum)

5 thoughts on “France, Burqa Ban”

  1. Another provocation

    Two niqabs in the company of the businessman Rachid Nekkaz outside the upper class restaurant Fouquet’s opposite the Louis Vuitton flagship store, on the Avenue des Champs-Elysées, the very restaurant where Nicolas Sarkozy celebrated his victory after the president elections.

    Rachid Nekkaz is the one who established a fund to pay the fines for niqab wearing.

  2. Rachid Nekkaz says

    We will continue to organize “happenings” around France until a change is coming so these women can freely go out on the streets – wearing the niqab. Will appeal to the European Human Rights unless niqab law is changed.

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