Rape, Riots, Socialism & the Birth Certificate


Times Reporter James C. McKinley is concerned about poor young black men….

….whose lives no doubt will be disrupted if they are held criminally accountable for the gang-rape of a child — one who, as the Times helpfully reported, was said to have “dressed older than her age, wearing makeup and fashions more appropriate to a woman in her 20s.” (Tim Blair)

Urine Stained Hairdo Frances Fox-Piven

Piven & West

Beck Was Right She Is Dangerous:

Cornel West & Piven Admit RIOTS & Social Chaos Was What She Was Writing About After Denying in Dozens of Interviews

Coming Out

Getting Bolder: Liberal Radio Host Says it‘s Time to Stop Running from ’Socialism’

“We must shout words like Socialist and Liberal from the rooftops…“ Read More »

“Tremendous amount of proof”- but no Birth Certificate

Talk is cheap and BS is BS. Just show us the paper, you c*#ts!

Dipstick with a big mouth:

Whitey takes your money

‘The Majority of White People Believe Those People Are Taking Our Money and Taxes’: DNC Interim Chair Donna Brazile Says Racist Fearful Whites Are Why the Dems Don’t Do Better With White Voters

More bad crazyness:

Burning the Koran is Worse Than Burning a Bible

While discussing the burning of the Koran on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” Time Magazine World Editor Bobby Ghosh made the claim that burning the Koran was worse than burning the Bible becausethe Bible was written by men and the Koran came straight from Allah.

4 thoughts on “Rape, Riots, Socialism & the Birth Certificate”

  1. Oh BS! The Koran was written by men too! In fact there is a lot about the korans origins that is kept under wraps. That needs to end.

  2. if every american would simply burn (1) koran per household, this bias , spineless media circus would stop ! if we continue to allow the limp -wrist american journalist to relay “OUR” stance on certain issues , we will continue to be perceived in their image only ! the muslim culture is swiftly replacing americas “black” community , steadily playing their race card, koran cards & blaming “whites” for their continued failure across the board. the cowards are starting to co-exist ! thugs & punks want only small percentages of people to stand up, i.e (muslims ,black panthers, s.e.i.u, a.c.o.r.n , college radicals) their “SO” scary when its 20- on- 2 , or at least they feel safe….most of these ” ass clowns ” wouldnt last the first day of any given conflict..let alone a revolution…
    ive done my part, actually twice….so allah & akbar can kiss my ass ….

  3. Us DOCUMENTERS dont only want his VAULT Birth Certificate we want to see all the OTHER Documents and Records he is HIDING too. How can anyone be a conspiracy nutcase if all they are doing is asking for PROOF the CONSPIRATORS are those who are HIDING information. As his INDONESIAN sister says she has seen his BC maybe she should let Obambi know where it is as he doesn’t know. BTW hasn’t SHE also got an Hawaii COLB and she was born in JAKARTA.

  4. The only thing the koran may be good for is toilet paper,only thing is it would contaminate your fundamental orifice. them’s the sacrifices one must make to prove a point.

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