McCain Discovers "Heroes" in Libya

John McCain visits Libya, says rebels are his “heroes”

Proving that dhimmi cluelessness is bipartisan. He shows no indication of knowing the reasons why I have argued that aiding the Libyan rebels aids the global jihad. “McCain Lauds Anti-Qaddafi Forces During Libya Visit,” from Associated Press, April 22 (thanks to JW):

Here you can watch the heroic action:

Warning: Very Graphic!

“Muslim rebels play with charred corpse & remove the heart of one of the soldiers. One of the celebrating insurgent terrorists even took a bite out of the heart later.”


Warning: Graphic Images! You can watch the carnage from 3:40

BENGHAZI, Libya — U.S. Sen. John McCain, one of the strongest proponents in Congress of the American military intervention in Libya, said Friday that Libyan rebels fighting Muammar Qaddafi’s troops are his heroes.

The top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee made the remark after arriving in Benghazi, a city that has been the opposition capital in the rebel-held eastern Libya.

McCain said he was in Benghazi “to get an on the ground assessment of the situation” and planned to meet with the rebel National Transition Council, the de-facto government in the eastern half of the country, and members of the rebel military.

“They are my heroes,” McCain said of the rebels as he walked out of a local hotel in Benghazi. He was traveling in an armored Mercedes jeep and had a security detail. A few Libyans waved American flags as his vehicle drove past….


3 thoughts on “McCain Discovers "Heroes" in Libya”

  1. McCain is such a pitiful, stupid man. He plays his time at the Hanoi Hilton as though it gave him a deeper intellect, made him smarter than the rest of us.

    He’s a fucking idiot.

  2. I’m so glad this clown was never elected. Mind you he would have been tons better than the present idiot, but an idiot none the less.

  3. The stupidity of some people is amazing. This whole Libya thing was a lose/lose proposition from the start.

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