Indonesia: Tiny Minority of Excremists Plant 330 Pound Bomb to Blow up Church for Easter Holidays


Lets get it over with:

“Ninety percent of Indonesians are Muslim, though most practice a moderate form of the faith and abhor violence. A small, excremist fringe has become more vocal, and violent, in recent years.”

Indonesia: Jihadists plant 330-pound bomb under gas pipeline near church that holds 3,000 people

You will see this horror dismissed with a wave of the hand as “extremists,” but regular WoJ readers know that this is part of the ongoing jihad against non-Muslims. Christians are being slaughtered in Indonesia and churches burned on an ongoing basis, and the media and political elites yawn. Their thinking is what? Muslims are savages so we expect this relentless slaughter and persecution across the world? That is the message, because this would never be tolerated from any other people.
No, don’t be concerned: most Indonesians “practice a moderate form of the faith:” “Big bomb found near Indonesia church; 19 arrested,” by Ali Kotarumalos for the Associated Press, April 21 via JW & Atlas.

2 thoughts on “Indonesia: Tiny Minority of Excremists Plant 330 Pound Bomb to Blow up Church for Easter Holidays”

  1. Happy Easter “Religion of Peace”. It is time for us to begin the dismantling of Mosques.

    The time for talking is over, now we must act – our government wont help us, they dont care about us. They are traitors.

    I am going to my local RSL tomorrow – I will be at the dawn service, to celebrate our most sacred of days, while traitors stand with Muslims in detention. I will be armed with all the anti muslim things I can find including Paedophiles in Afghanistan “Bashi Boys” Sex with Animals, Sex with 6 month babies, I am going to ask our diggers what they think about this government. Why should our young men and women be fighting to save the arses of these low creatures. They make me vomit. Will give you the feedback later.

  2. “Nowadays it’s not hard to find people who can make bombs”

    Jemaah Islamiyah and other groups have lost their influence in Indonesia.

    Don’t take my word for it.

    Although authorities believe they have dismantled Jemaah Islamiyah’s militant structure, remaining members operate legally, hosting religious study sessions, translating Arabic texts and handing out vitriolic leaflets. Their main goal is creating an Islamic state. They are most critical of the security forces and moderate Muslim leaders for joining the anti-terrorism fight and often fall just short of advocating violence.

    In the last six months, small cells with no known links to Jemaah Islamiyah or other large jihadi organizations have raided police stations and assassinated officers. Mail bombs have been sent to liberal Muslim activists and an anti-terror chief and now, for the first time in Indonesia, a suicide bomber has targeted a mosque.

    Police say the plotters of a Good Friday church bombing outside of Jakarta, all in their 30s and university educated, appear to fit the same pattern.

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