Australia: Five-star Resort for Asylum Seekers

Should read welfare seekers, or invaders:

Jooliar rolls out the red carpet  for Mohammedan invaders

So much care & compassion attracts more: Another boat, so why no talkies on that detention centre?

One of the five swimming pools at Kooralbyn Resort

Phillip Hudson, Matt Johnston

A RUN-down former five-star golf resort was considered to help cope with the asylum seeker accommodation crisis.

Kooralbyn Hotel Resort, in the Gold Coast hinterland, was inspected by immigration officials last May after liquidators called the Federal Government.

Documents released to Seven News after a Freedom of Information court battle show the department said it “could easily be converted to dormitory accommodation and used for single men or unaccompanied minors”.

The 100-room hotel has been mothballed since July 2008 but in the 1990s was a playground for the wealthy. It has a small airfield and could be made ready for asylum seekers within four weeks.

Seven News also revealed Puckapunyal army base in Victoria was the No.1 choice to house asylum seekers but the Department of Defence blocked the idea.

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  1. I was watching a news item last Saturday morning regarding homeless people in Darwin, Aboriginals come into the city during the wet season and stay in the budget accommodation that is usually available, but apparently a lot of these budgets hostels, etc, have been taken over by immigration to house ‘asylum seekers’.

    Just another example of this government ignoring Australians and their needs in favour of the invaders…

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