So what's up?

Good riddance, Vittorio!

Andrew Bolt wonders  if that international outcry from the Left will be repeated now that another ISM activist has been killed – but this time deliberately, and by Palestinians:  The murder of Vittorio Arrigoni

Meanwhile, the genocide supporting commie scum who support the Pali-Hamas murderers are already planning T-shirts sales and construct the cult of personality  around this jackass:

Sex with horses:

The glo-bull warming racket:

The Loons of Marriqville:

Marriqville resident Joe Hildebrand reports from the banned zone, which is now the scene of a Fatah/Hamas-style civil war between Labor and the Greens:

Greens leader Bob Brown said Labor should share some of the flak over Marrickville Council’s decision to ban Israeli products. GREENS SHOP ALLIES

Andrew Wilkie

Independent MP Andrew Wilkie agrees to meet his Nazi salute accuser:  PEACE IN OUR TIME

2 thoughts on “So what's up?”

  1. Time to blow up Marrick”vile”. This is our city, our country. Never have we needed to stop Muslims more than we do now. Warn our people to get out and then gas the rats nest. How dare our own people who are helping all of us go down the tube remain in office. There are people in Marrickvile who are Jews, like and respect Jews, married to Jews etc. So what about their rights. This may become the first battle ground in the fight against Islam. I hope those in Marrickvile council who are responsible for this traitorus act get the first bullet.

  2. Vittorio, good riddance to bad rubbish. May there be many more.
    Hoisted with his own petard. I haven’t laughed so much in years.

    So thanks Vittorio, wherever you are in the afterlife, you really made my day!

    It’s always funny when those rushing to support jihadis get their just desserts. Like when the ISM women go to Gaza to help the poor ‘Palestinians’, who promptly turn round and rape them. Even funnier is when those who send them tell them they must not complain, as that might damage ‘the cause’.

    Vittorio was one of the many fools who rushed to do the devil’s work.
    It should be a lesson for all potential young fools, but I fear the propaganda of the Palestinian industry will be too powerful for them to resist.

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