“We Will Conquer The Netherlands”

A tall claim coming from a motley gang of smelly headbangers on the dole.

But the fact that these Mohammed worshipers are determined to kill and die for allah strikes fear in the hearts of  the cheese chomping inhabitants of the low-lying flatlands, and the fearful sheeple rather curse Wilders for bringing it on than standing up for western culture and civilization:

“We Will Conquer The Netherlands” (GoV)

Zebiba boyz praise the murder of Theo van Gogh

On April 4, 2011, Sharia4Holland and Sharia4Belgium posted two videos threatening Geert Wilders. Or rather, according to the mujahid who gave the lecture, his statements were “warnings”. Even so, the example of Theo Van Gogh was invoked repeatedly as one that Mr. Wilders should remember.

You’ll notice the striking resemblance between the unnamed Muslim in this video and the infamous Anjem Choudary. Since Sharia4Holland is a franchise of one of Mr. Choudary’s groups — now banned in the UK — perhaps the likeness is no accident.

Our Dutch correspondent Penseur tells us that on the PVV website, a discussion about these videos included the following comment from a jihad expert (Penseur’s translation):

The invitation to convert is, according to a jihad expert in the intelligence world, a serious indication that there are plans to attack the politician (Geert Wilders):

“The Koran prescribes that before you are going to attack an individual, a country or a region, you should warn beforehand that you are going to attack, and that the target still gets some time to convert. Osama bin Laden did so two months before 9/11. Such a warning was also given two months before the attacks in London and Madrid, as well as two months before the German elections, but in that case an extensive terror group was arrested in time.”

A Dutch YouTuber has combined the two videos and subtitled the result. To avoid the Blogger bug, I’ve placed the video below the jump. Warning — the subtitles include vulgar language:

Hat tip: Diana West.

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  1. The muslims will never conquer The Netherlands!!!!

    Flikker op naar je eigen woenstijn kut berber!!!!!!

  2. i love the work u guys are doing and i second ur opinions!
    I live in India which unfortunately has the largest population of Muslims in the world although the muslims are a minority in India!
    i know firsthand how a majority of them are, however may I also underline another fact “Good muslims are pretty much prevalent in society although their radical counterparts within their religion tend to steal away most of the limelight”
    Best regards and peace from your supporter and admirer in India. 🙂

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