Elie Wiesel Cuts Ties With False Flag Operation

Elie Wiesel Does the Right Thing (GoV)

Dr. Trifkovic’s research into the background of the IRGC has borne fruit: the renowned scholar and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel resigned last week from the advisory board of the IRGC. Here’s the report from The Lord Byron Foundation:

Elie Wiesel resigns from the “Genocide Institute Canada,” dissociates himself from Emir Ramic

Mocking Muslims (from Planck’s Constant thanks to Mullah)

Q: What is the difference between Islam and Polio?
A: Science has not yet found a cure for Islam.

Russia is Called to Join the Ummah (GoV)

A Russian imam is unhappy with the double eagle, Russia’s official coat of arms. He thinks it has two many crosses on it, and is thus unfair to Muslims. He wants one of the crosses be replaced with the crescent moon to symbolize Russia’s Muslims. (With 2 million headbangers in Moscow alone you know which way the wind blows: submit and your life and belongings will be spared….!)