Beck: O'turd Spells Trouble For Israel

Glenn Beck TV Show (May 19th, 2011)

Who needs Yasser Arafat when you have the President of the United States saying what he did today in his speech regarding Israel? Something happened today for the first time in history. America’s first Muslim POTUS  has betrayed one of our strongest allies in Israel. It appears that the President’s policy is to see a two state solution. It appears he wants to divide Israel up, which basically will kill it.

Will Glenn’s pro-Israel event be bad for US foreign policy in the Middle East? That’s the question being asked by US News and World Report article “Will Glenn Beck’s Israel Rally Hurt U.S. Foreign Policy?”, and we aren’t exactly sure why that is. “If our U.S. policy is to divide the Middle East or not stand with the Jews, yeah. Yep,” Glenn said. “I hope so.”

Tonight’s guest is William Helmreich, CUNY Professor of Sociology and author of “What Was I Thinking?”

For more on the Restoring Courage event which will take place in Jerusalem in August, check out the Facebook page here.

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