Pal-Arabs urged to march on Israel's borders following coming Friday's prayers

That’s Today:

The group – “Third Palestinian Intifada” – urges Arab activists in neighboring countries to storm Israel’s borders in reaction to the recent “Nakba Day” events and ensuing casualties. (Y-net news)

Europe stealing Irans Rain:

Ahmadinenutjob claims Europeans are “emptying the clouds” to dry out Iran

From the people that brought you spy squirrels and Zionist pigeon surveillance. “‘West plots to cause drought in Iran’,” from Iran’s own PressTV, May 19

“This is a premeditated event. We will deal with this through legal channels. We will not permit such a disgraceful thing to take place.”

Iran’s Thug-in-Chief alleges European countries using “certain equipment” to cause droughts in Iran and other places they don’t like

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: In Europe, there is a lot of rain – an average rainfall of over 1,500 millimeters. They do not need [watering] systems because they have natural irrigation, but they used equipment at their disposal to empty the clouds

As you know, clouds move from west to east. They are formed over the ocean, and then move over the Mediterranean, where the air undergoes changes. Then they pass over Iran, moving eastward. The clouds were emptied of most of their content. (MEMRI finds a beauty.)

Breeding  Zombies for Jihad:

“The Palestinian Mother Raises Her Children so She Can Sacrifice Them when They Become Young Men… Every Palestinian woman wants to wage Jihad.” (MEMRI)

So much for “the children”.

Peace Partners:

Blockade unbusted:

Jordanians hate Pal-Arabs (who doesn’t?)



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  1. Boy, you islamists are such hate-filled cretins – you lie continuously to justify your hate. Just check out the pali-leb businessman – a more disgraceful example of humanity would be hard to find.

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