Bulgaria: "you are bearers of radical Islam. You are bearers of extremism. You are a danger to the entire Europe".


Bulgarian Nationalists Want to Strip Turkish Leader of MP Immunity

And  they should. Because Muslims are not in Bulgaria to integrate or to assimilate, they came to conquer. Muslims are a million strong in Bulgaria, a nation of eight million. When one of them loudly proclaimed he wanted to become Prime Minister, he scared the hell out of a people who were enslaved for nearly 500 years under Ottoman rule.

Volen Siderov with Ataka members outside Sofia mosque last Friday

“Dogan must be sued for organizing Islamist fundamentalism, organizing an Islamic fundamentalist assault against a Bulgarian MP and other crimes against the state,” the petition goes. It is referring to an accident provoked by Ataka supporters Friday, when a brawl started in downtown Sofia after they disrupted a Muslim Friday prayer in front of a mosque in downtown Sofia.

During the brawl, Ataka MP Denitsa Gadzheva, was injured by a stone thrown at her, allegedly by a Muslim prayer.

The outburst occurred while the nationalists led by their Volen Siderov staged a rally near the Banya Bashi mosque in Sofia protesting against its use of loudspeakers.

On Sunday,  the anchor of a popular Bulgarian radio broadcast was forced to interrupt it after Siderov and an ethnic Turkish MP went for a fight while on air. The physical clash was provoked by the nationalist leader, according to the anchor, Velichko Konakchiev.

“The Movement for Rights and Freedoms turned Bulgaria into a net of Islamists nests,” Volen Siderov alarmed during his party’s press conference.

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  1. I just love the total disregard for PC in East Europe. Where else could you have a political party called Attack? Somali pirates? No problem. Capture a Russian ship? Get yourself shot up and the survivors abandoned in a life raft 300 kms from shore.

  2. Sofia. Ataka party leader Volen Siderov and non-attached MP Korman Ismailov has entered into a fight during the interview in the studio of the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR).

    The two started a fight over arguments about who started the fight outside the Banya Basha mosque in Sofia on Friday

    “You are bearers of radical Islam. You are bearers of extremism. You are a danger for the entire Europe,” Siderov said in the studio.

    Ismailov, on the other hand, remarked that because of the actions of Ataka party Bulgaria is sending a really bad signal.

    Siderov replied saying the following: “You are Islamists, who are a danger for the entire Europe and should be stopped and expelled from Bulgaria. The Islamists are dangerous for Europe, for the peace in Europe.”

    After the fight started the programme has been stopped.

    At a press conference Ataka party presented a video material about what happened outside the Banya Basha mosque in Sofia on May 20, FOCUS News Agency reporter informs.

    Ataka MP Denitsa Gadzheva, who got hurt during the incident, explained that she has seven stitches on her face.

    “Some highly manipulated information has been released in the media about the incident on May 20. Ataka party came across an organised Islamist group, which attacked us with stones and these people were armed with knives, they pointed knives at citizens of Sofia, a group that tried to kill us. As a result of their actions, I have seven stitches on my face,” Gadzheva said.

    “We will present evidence that these were Islamists,” Ataka party leader Volen Siderov said.
    He added that on May 20 the Muslims had placed carpets all over the pavement around the mosque, which is something illegal. A citizen had asked for explanation why these carpets were on the street and he got hit by an ‘extremist’, Siderov said. And that was how the scandal burst out.

    Siderov added that the Muslims had called the Ataka supporters ‘trash’.

    “One of them says he is a pure-blooded Turk. On the video material you can see one of the Yuzeirovi brothers,” Siderov added.

    Ataka party requires withdrawal of the immunity of Ahmed Dogan, MP and leader of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF). The news broke at a press conference organised by the party over the recent incident outside the Banya Basha mosque in Sofia on May 20, FOCUS News Agency reporter informs.

    The party has prepared a petition with 5,000 signatories, which will be handed in to Bulgaria’s Prosecutor General Boris Velchev.

    According to Ataka, Ahmed Dogan has to be pressed charges for organisation of Islamic fundamentalism, attacks of Islamic fundamentalists against a member of the parliament and other crimes against the state.

    The petition states that over the last 20 years many nests of Islamic fundamentalism have emerged in Bulgaria. According Ataka leader Volen Siderov Ahmed Dogan stays behind these nests.

    “Ahmen Dogan should be investigated for crimes against the state. The MRF has turned Bulgaria into a network of Islamist nests. Some literature, which is against the Constitution of Bulgaria, is being spread throughout the country,” Siderov said further, adding that the country will become a target of Islamic extremism very soon.

    At the press conference Volen Siderov explained what happened outside the mosque on May 20.
    “The clash burst out for a couple of minutes on the roof of a public WC and not on the roof of the mosque,” Siderov explained, adding that no one has violated the territory of the mosque.
    In Siderov’s words, Ataka party supporters have faced some angry and embittered Islamists. He added that one single police officer came to calm down the Muslims.

    Siederov added that Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova, whom Ataka party has supported at the local elections, should pay attention to the tens of thousands of signatories, which the party has filed against the voice-speakers of the mosque, which resound four times a day.
    In his words, the State Agency for National Security (SANS) should investigate the mosque over radical Islamism.

    “We expect for the Interior Ministry to arrest the aggressive Islamists. Ataka party will hand in the entire video material it disposes of,” said Ataka party leader Volen Siderov, speaking at a press conference dedicated to the clashes outside the Banya Basha mosque in Sofia on May 20.
    “I expect for the Interior Ministry of do its job – to investigate the nest of Islamic extremists in downtown Sofia,” Siderov remarked.

    “We dispose of the literature they are spreading, we have data pointing at Islamic extremists,” he said further, adding that placing carpets on the pavement around the mosque is a violation of the public order.

    According to Volen Siderov, the Interior Ministry does not take adequate measures to cope with Islamic extremism, which was seen on May 20.
    “Police have to assume the entire responsibility for the clash in front of the mosque. A traffic police officer faced seven angry extremists – can you call it an adequate measure,” Siderov asked, adding that the interior minister should make a statement on the issue.
    “If Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov does not do his job, if the person who disfigured the face of a Bulgarian politician is not arrested, we will ask for minister’s resignation,” Siderov said.
    Ali Yuzeirov was in the centre of the group outside the mosque last Friday, leader of Ataka party Volen Siderov told Focus News Agency .

    “He introduced himself to a certain television channel saying I am Ali Yuzeirov. He was in the centre of the group that was disposed on the prayer mats. That man is famous with his attempt to establish fundamentalist party, which was not adopted by the court. It is clear who are in the centre of the group that gathers in the mosque. Therefore I say that this is a nest of Islam extremists which had become what it is long ago. The mufti itself is a centre of extremism, because people that are trained to become ecclesiastics are trained in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and are heralds of extreme Islam”, Volenb Siderov said.

    In his words the State Agency National Security (SANS) does nothing on the issue.
    “The counter intelligence service was blocked for years because Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) was in the ruling coalition, but now when the current government is in power I simply can’t make out why SANS doesn’t take measures against the extreme Islam in our country?” Siderov said.

    There was serious conflict but I haven’t fought. That is what leader of Ataka Party Volen Siderov said for FOCUS News Agency commenting on rumours that he and MP Korman Ismailov had fought in the studio of BNR.

    “There was a sharp confrontation with him, there was not physical battle. We exchanged sharp remarks, that’s it. We haven’t fought. Information that I see in the media is exaggerated. Indeed – there was a sharp conflict. I finally told him to apologize because he was a youth person responsible of Movement for Rights and freedom (MRF) and he knows Denitsa Gadzheva who is Secretary of the youth organization of Ataka party. He said he knows her and I told him to apologize to her, not to me, because she is the one having seven stitches after being hit by a stone thrown by a Muslim. And all these people who he defends, their behaviour was actually extreme. This caused the dispute.” Volen Siderov said.

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