Celebrity Jihadist Moazzam Begg Denied Entry to Canada

Well traveled Muzz denied entry to Canuckistan…

Moazzam Begg was supposed to speak at a Saturday conference on Islamophobia organized by the Canadian lawyer for Omar Khadr, 24, the Toronto-born Guantanamo prisoner who was convicted last fall of war crimes.


Victim of Teen Terrorist Khadr Rips Plea Deal

“…when the shooting had stopped Khadr, the only terrorist left, decided to restart the battle by making acareful and deliberate decision to shoot and throw a grenade that ended up killing Christopher Speer.  He acted, on that day, with the maturity, reasoning, and determination far beyond the years of a typical teenager.”

A reminder:

If, upon reading and studying Qur’an and hadith and sira, and if, after looking around the world over the past few years, and if, after having studied the history of Jihad-conquest and Muslim behavior toward dhimmis — Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Hindus, Buddhists — you do not feel a deep hostility toward the belief-system of Islam and toward its adherents (for the category of “moderate” is nearly meaningless, given the dangerous use to which “moderates” can be put in continuing to mislead the unwary Infidels), then it is you who are irrational, and need to have your head examined. (source)