No Muslim must be killed for killing a kuffar

The shyster who represents him  got the message:

Killing a Kafir who is fighting you is OK. Killing a Kafir for any reason, you can say, it is OK – even if there is no reason for it. You can poison, ambush and kill non-believers. You must have a stand with your heart, with your tongue, with your money, with your hand, with your sword, with your Kalashnikov. Don’t ask shall I do this, just do it. (Abu Hamza al-Masri, Egyptian born British Cleric)

Predictable: John Galligan, the lawyer of the Fort Hood murderer Nidal Hasan, tried to convince the commanding general of Fort Hood to take the death penalty off of the table in that case reports CNN;

Nidal Hasan’s Lawyer Pushes for No Death Penalty in the Fort Hood Terrorist’s Trial

Washington — The Army could be close to announcing a court martial for Maj. Nidal Hasan, accused of the 2009 Fort Hood shootings, after his lawyer made one last attempt Thursday to keep the death penalty out of the trial.

Hasan is charged with killing 13 people at Fort Hood, Texas, and wounding 32 others in a lone-gunman shooting on November 5, 2009. Read more… (Weasel Zippers)


Dhimmitude on steroids:

5 thoughts on “No Muslim must be killed for killing a kuffar”

  1. it’s called QISAS, is part of sharia law “No muslim should be killed in return for a non-muslim”

  2. “Quote….“How will it look if Christians execute a Muslim…?”…..UNquote

    damn fine Sir

  3. This ghoul should be executed publicly just to show the Muslims that we will not put up with any more of their malignant arrogance about how “Muslims are better than kuffars”. Oh, and how would it look? It would look just fine to me. It’s just too bad that he wasn’t killed in the shootout. If they don’t execute him, he’ll be existing, like Charles Manson, and he’ll pop up in the news once in a while, he’ll be a bargaining chip if a bunch of Americans are taken hostage in a Muslim country, he’ll be a slowly growing tumor in our bodies that we can’t get rid of.

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