Everybody Draw Muhammad Day

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day: One Year Later

With Molly mollified, or better: missing in action hiding, its up to the bloggers to keep the tradition alive. Thanks to the Gates of Vienna for the reminder:

Here’s an excellent original drawing by Proud Kafir, and in the flick below you might recognize some works by previous artists that have been all over the net, but never published.

So here we are, one year later, and nothing much has changed.

Muslims are still offended.

Hussein Obama continues to grovel in his repeated attempts to placate them.

Merely thinking about burning a Koran can cause the deaths of thousands.

Nobody who wants to retain his standing as a public figure dares to mock, depict, criticize, or say anything remotely disrespectful about Mohammed.

At last we got a trailer, thanks to ‘atheist’. But still no sign of Molly….

6 thoughts on “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day”

  1. Leave the paper blank, he probably didn’t even exist. There are at least two books currently being written which will probably conclude that Mohammed was nothing but a “mythical” character concocted from a hodge-podge of writings at the time. It’s possible he existed as a person, but it’s just as possible that he was nothing more than a characterization or personification of stories and ideas of the time. Remember, before you close your mind to this idea, that simply because a bunch of people have believed something for a long time, doesn’t make it true.

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