(Musel-)man sets priest alight in Lithuania church

Thanks to Dhumme Dhimmi

Sudden Jihad Syndrome?

“We have reports that he had repeatedly disrupted masses and shouted weird statements.”

Hmm, don’t you wonder what these ‘weird statements’ were?  Something in Arabic perhaps?

Father Remigijus Kuprys, 46, managed to extinguish the flames with the help of worshippers, but suffered facial burns.

Around 80 per cent of Lithuania’s three million residents are Roman Catholic.

The Australian doesn’t tell us what the other 20 % are. Must be a tiny minority of excremists…..

3 thoughts on “(Musel-)man sets priest alight in Lithuania church”

  1. Time to fight back. Send letters of complaint to every politician in our land. Send this article. We cant continue on in this politically correct madness. This is real, we are all hurting. There is only one culprit and we all know it is Islam. Buggar the lot them. Time to burn a few mosques and see how they like that – before we hand over all the symbols of Christianity to these low lives. Time to Crusade. The time is now.

    But where do we go to join up. We have no leaders! So, what do we do? I put this question to you all. Who will help us? And when will this help come? The Roman/German Pope may be on the side of Islam as Islam was on their side during the last war and sent the Jews to Kingdom Come. The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Monach he represents have very friendly hands in the Middle East. It would not be profitable for them to upset these friends.

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