Nonie Darwish: Solving Poverty — The Islamic Way

“All your infidel wealth are belong to us…!” (and if you resist we kill you…)

Pure Islam means back to the 7th century:

A well known Islamic leader in Egypt by the name of Abu Ishak Al Huweini, who often appears on Egyptian TV, has recently said the following in Arabic and I have translated it into English:

“We are at a time of Jihad; Jihad for the sake of Allah is a pleasure, a true pleasure. Mohammed’s followers used to compete to do it. The reason we are poor now is because we have abandoned jihad. If only we can conduct a jihadist invasion at least once a year or if possible twice or three times, then many people on Earth would become Muslims. And if anyone prevents our dawa or stands in our way, then we must kill them or take as hostage and confiscate their wealth, women and children. Such battles will fill the pockets of the Mujahid who can return home with 3 or 4 slaves, 3 or 4 women and 3 or 4 children. This can be a profitable business if you multiply each head by 300 or 400 dirham,. This can be like financial shelter whereby a jihadist, in time of  financial need, can always sell one of these heads (meaning slavery).  No one can make that much money in one deal (from hard work) even if a Muslim goes to the West to work or do trade. In time of need, that is a good resource for profit.”

When I heard this audio message, I could not believe my ears. This is nothing short of barbaric and medieval preaching by a powerful Muslim leader in Egypt who has access to public TV and the ears of millions. This sheikh, who is at least honest and unapologetic about what jihad means, is also promoting the true model and example of the prophet Mohammed in the 7th and what he did to non-Muslims, as an example for all Muslims to follow today. Isn’t that the role of a prophet, to be the example to his followers?

It is difficult for Muslims to run away from their religious history, which is documented over and over again in Islamic books. Mohammed himself said, probably with pride, that he was made wealthy through terror. That preacher is just a good follower of Islam and that is why he is advocating the same kind of behavior. Hey, the plan made Mohammed rich, so why not let it be the formula for all Muslims today? What used to be whispered about Mohammed’s behavior and only discussed among the learned men of Islam is openly advocated today in public in a world where the ugly truth can no longer be hidden.

This audio has shocked some Muslims who are in denial about the history of Islam and the true meaning of jihad, which is defined as a war against non-Muslims to establish the religion and after the fight seize their property, women, children, enslave them and sell them like cattle. According to pure Muslims, what was the model for Muslims in the 7th century is now their model in the 21st century.

In another segment posted on youtube the same sheikh, Al Huweini, blamed Christians for all the violence going on today in Egypt. According to him, it is Christians who are responsible for their own murder, robbing and burning of their churches, businesses and homes. At a time of civil unrest in Egypt, Muslim preachers are openly promoting violence against non-Muslims. This sheikh is not the only one, but the internet is full of others with a similar shameless twisted message. One other Salafi Egyptian sheikh announced that he will not leave a church without searching by force to take out a couple of Christian women whom they allege having converted to Islam. The fact that these women made statements to the contrary and that one is married to a Coptic priest does not matter to the Muslim preachers or the mob. They want to take her out and annul her marriage to a Christian, which is allowed under Islamic law. Jihadists are never out of outrageous excuses to do their dirty work.

Al Haweini, who ironically speaks on Al-Hikma (Wisdom) TV station, has made it his authority and expertise to advise post-revolution Egypt, on economic matters. His brilliant economic advice to the interim government was again inspired by the example of the prophet Mohammed whom he said had forced the collection of zakat (meaning Alms) on the people. He added that this should provide the government with billions of pounds if they force citizens to pay the zakat directly to the government. He then added that after Mohammed died, the people of Arabia stopped paying the zakat to the Khalifa who followed Mohammed, which forced him to fight his people to get them pay the zakat back.

Is it any wonder why all Muslim countries are an economic basket case and if it was not for oil, even Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Emirates would be among the poorest nations on earth?

These preachers of hate and genocide are the face of Islam today and an embarrassing example of how disconnected Muslim religious leaders are today.  That is why I left that religion all together. When will the West wake up?

Nonie Darwish is the author “Cruel and usual Punishment” and the President of


13 thoughts on “Nonie Darwish: Solving Poverty — The Islamic Way”

  1. * When will the West wake up?

    Maybe it won’t wake up – too much anaesthetic being pumped to reassure the masses that islam is a religion of peace, while its adherents are given a helping hand to wage war against it from without and within.

  2. The west is waking slowly – and we are just waiting for the right time to pull the trigger. Come and attack us directly, muslim tripe!!

  3. jihad as a liable business model?

    So, supposing a jihad against a country continues once a year, making many muslims rich and converting many in the process.

    Woudnt be right to bomb these countries to smithereens, then get them to pay for development from money we loaned to them with the highest interest.

    Yes, its dam right, pakistan, you are next.

  4. tjwork,
    Let us first remove the 5th column that the islamists have placed in our countries. There is no point in deporting them, and we should just execute them. We monitor all muslims (very possible) over an extended period, and then we just disappear those for whom questions have appeared (very possible). And we should work in shutting musim businesses down – that means do not support any business that is linked to islam: ie restaurants, newsagencies, staffed or owned by muslims. Just as muslims are involved in economic activities against the West, so the citizens of the West do the same against muslims.

  5. * Yes, its dam right, pakistan, you are next.

    I have never been able to find it again, but an obscure muzz link I came across once claimed that the Indo-Pak war was a necessary precursor to the appearance of the Mahdi – who the Iranians are now saying will put in a covert appearance next month …

    Ahmadinejad’s Team Expects Arrival of 12th Imam … on June 5

    * Looks like some major rifts taking place in Iran between the Supreme Dalek and the Deviant Movement (Ahmadinejad & Co).

  6. dear kaw,
    i agree with you.
    however, to cripple the muslims, theres 1 trick that was used for centuries.

    1. remove their right to assemble

    when this is removed, peace is guaranteed. they can have whatever laws they want, sharia or what not, but removing their right to assemble will eradicate islam.

  7. * Let us first remove the 5th column that the islamists have placed in our countries.

    A lot of removing to do – “cultural sensitivity” (to muslims) is being woven into the whole fabric of our society, while resistance is marginalised or punished.

  8. dear mullah,

    yeap, i read that as well,

    the current iranian govt is struggling to survive, they have to come up with stories like this to brainwash its little followers in believing a divine crap.

    i also read that the mahdi will return in ramadan last year. everyone is hording on the arab spring & taking advantage of the crisis and upcoming famine.

  9. More on Pakistan (just read via Zip)

    Attack on Pak = attack on China

    China ‘asks USA to respect Pak sovereignty’

    [Press Trust of India
    ISLAMABAD, 19 MAY: In the wake of the US raid in Abbottabad that killed Osama bin Laden, China has “warned in unequivocal terms that any attack on Pakistan would be construed as an attack on China”, a media report claimed today.
    The warning was formally conveyed by the Chinese foreign minister at last week’s China-US strategic dialogue and economic talks in Washington, The News daily quoted diplomatic sources as saying. China also advised the USa to “respect Pakistan’s sovereignty and solidarity”, the report said.]

    * The USA – supposedly the remaining superpower, reduced to impotence by the enemies it aided and abetted & allied itself with.

  10. The arrest of 30+ by the islamic troll movement in Iran is simply an expedient mechanism to remove 30 people who stood against the islamic trolls in some way.

    As regards the “removing” – we start with our traitors first and remove them from the position of power they were entrusted with – and we do this through the ballot box – it is far more powerful than any other method. The cultural sensitivity crap is not a problem, and the brainless toads purvey this point of view are easily debated out of view. If the muslims respond with violence, as many will, then kill them – it is that simple. It should be reinforced that people in Oz are Australians first. If you want to be a 7th century muslim goat fucker, then go to Saudi Arabia. as you are not welcome anywhere else.

  11. I guess the USA can still pick on Israel & tell it to commit suicide.

  12. I’m an ex-Muslim 21 years old girl .. i studied Islamic laws and there is nothing like this in most of our books.. its only mentioned in the big books which are used by Sheiks “very religious people”
    ordinary people think that Islam is a peaceful religion and thats what’s they been taught!! and when they knew the truth or read something like this.. they disagree with it but afraid to tell .. because anyone who’s against what is right and proved in religion is an infidel and he shall DIE !! Muslims are victims for their own religion :'(
    On the other hand there are sick people who are happy with these facts about their religion because it satisfies their sick needs and bloody imaginations.. and these people are only 5% from the 1.5 billion Muslims.. BUT THEY ARE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.. its not by number.. its by how crazy they are … SO from an EX_MUSLIM who still stuck in her Hijab and afraid to leave her Islamic country because she might get killed for the try .. WATCH OUT PEOPLE >> ISLAM=EVIL…

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