"Naqba Day"

Fun for the whole family:

Arab boys dressed in uniforms of Pali security forces and holding plastic toy guns take part during a rally marking “Nakba” in the West Bank city of Nablus May 15, 2011

Pamela from NY:

At the start of the protest march from the UN to Times Square, a group of Muslims started to yell the anti-Semitic chant, “Khybar, Khybar, ya Yahood, jaish Mohammed sa ya’ud.” The Muslim death cry “Khybar, Khybar, oh Jews, Mohammed’s Army will return” refers to the Arabian oasis of Khybar, where Mohammed & his gang of thieves  killed and enslaved its Jewish inhabitants in the year 628

Take a look at the “Third Intifadah’ Pigs

Arab terror in J’lem

New York City:   “Third Intifada” Marches Round the World

The genocidal  Muslim scum came out in droves.

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Israeli doc saves life of Muslim baby, mom hopes he grows up to be a jihad/martyrdom suicide bomber

How’s that for a feel good story? They literally breed to kill:

Gratitude. “Do no harm: How a Gazan baby’s life became tangled in politics,” by Graeme Hamilton in the National Post, May 16 via JW….

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