Obama Throws Israel to the Dogs….

Spencer: Obama Throws Israel to the Dogs

In his Muslim speech on Thursday, Hussein Obama told Israel to give Old Jerusalem, including the tomb of Jesus, to Hamas.  (There is more)

GOP Senator Hatch Plans Disapproval Measure Against Obama Over Dangerous Anti-Israeli Stance (GWP)

“By calling for a return to the pre-1967 borders, President Obama has directly undermined her,” Hatch said of Israel. “Rather than stand by Israel against consistent unprovoked aggression by longtime supporters of terrorism, President Obama is rewarding those who threaten Israel’s very right to exist. This is not only ridiculous, but dangerous.”

Obama to Israel: “Drop Dead”

Dore Gold, Israel’s former ambassador to the UN, appeared on Fox News to explain why President Obama’s speech regarding a “return to 1967 borders” would leave Israel at the mercy of the enemies who surround her. (GoV) Read more »

Bitchslapping Obama …… Oorah

Obama’s foreign policy mimics that of the suicide bomber.

WaPo:    Obama’s faithless pledges to Israel

Mr. Obama also pledged in 2008 that it would be his policy that “Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel and it must remain undivided.” This pledge was broken almost immediately upon taking office.

Netanyahu associate: Obama detached from reality

Not detached from reality, Muselmanic reality.

Here’s a guy who should be in a camp in Guyana drinking cool aid with al Sharpschlong and Calypso Luis, and America made him president. WTF went wrong here?

This guy and the whores who support him came to lay waste to the world.

He must be stopped!

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O’turds big heart for crims:

He must be ‘racist”:

Not Illusions; deliberate deceit:

Obama was not too pleased that Netanyahu rejected his radical plan right to his face.
He looked disgusted.

The ultimate insult:

REWARDING EVIL… Obama Gifts Hamas With Most Sacred Sites of Christianity

The Palestinian Hamas and Fatah terrorist factions signed a truce on Wednesday May 4, 2011. Neither of the terror factions recognize Israel and neither terror organization has plans to reject terrorist activities against the Jewish people.

In recognition of this terrorist truce, Barack Obama yesterday gave the Palestinian people Old Jerusalem. Old Jerusalem contains the most sacred holy sites of Christianity.

This gift to Hamas included:

  • The Garden of Gethsamene
  • Chapel of the Ascension
  • The Tomb of the Virgin
  • The Tower of David
  • The Wailing Wall
  • The Via Delarosa (the final steps of Jesus Christ)
  • The tomb of Jesus Christ
  • The Church of St. Anne
  • The Church of the Flagellation
  • The Church of All Nations
  • The site of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Obama gave all of this to the Hamas-Fatah terorists.

As you can see from this map, all of the Christian and Jewish holy sites will now be under Hamas control thanks to Barack Obama. (read the rest @ GWP)

10 thoughts on “Obama Throws Israel to the Dogs….”

  1. * Here’s a guy who should be in a camp in Guyana drinking cool aid …

    He is drinking from a cup of trembling – potentially more dangerous for his health, & that of his nation.

  2. The False Prophet, Mohammad’s spawn,Hussein Obama,The Anti Christ is in the White House.

    Israel should take the prick out ASAP,Why Israel? because there is no other Country left with the balls to fight for Judeo Christian Civilization.

  3. Are there any Jews in Congress (besides the lone Republican, Majority Leader Eric Cantor) going to speak out on this? Or are they all willing to walk in lockstep with Obuzzard and thus surrender to the terrorists?

    If verifiable proof was ever needed that Barry hates Christianity and embraces Islam, this is it.

    I pray the wrath of God comes on this piece of human debris. God Almighty, what’s it going to take to get rid of him? We can’t wait any longer.

  4. The Lion of Israel has spoken! More power to Bennie Netanyahu! I feel this will be a turning point for Israel and the entire Arab world should take note. Israel has garned more support around the world yesterday from the diaspora of Jews everywhere.

    Israel is not going to lay down and play dead doggie. Why should they. They have produced something wonderful in their land of milk and honey. All the Palistanians can do is bomb, wreck and destroy the land of Israel. Israel has made something very special from their land from a people almost destroyed by the Nazi’s to a modern state.

    Hold you head up hight Israel and all who love you are called to battle.

    i.e. I am not Jewish.

  5. America is NOW the most racist, bigoted country in the world and they are in denial about it! They hate having a black man as president, they’ll deem ANYONE who insults Obama as a “REAL LEADER”! Herman Cain is an “House Negro” so don’t act like liking one black guy, but using racist langauge against another doesn’t make you a racist! they’re willing to support a leeching country like Isreal! If Obama loses in 2012, Racism will win! Only bigots stand with Isreal!

  6. It’s time for you to start asking yourself some real questions Questionman! Will you also help the forces of evil put more innocents to the gas chambers? Just as your kind did in times gone by. It sounds like it mate.

    It has nothing to do with hating to have a black man as president. Most civilized people stood firm and strong behind another black man, Martin Luther King Jnr. We all honour his memory. It is not using skin colour to denote approved black people or non approved people – It is the measure of the man, not the colour of his skin.

    Obama has not measured up. Just like you!

  7. Catherine, shut up your hypocrite! You say it’s wrong for me to judge a human for being black, but It’s right for you and you ilk to judge a human for their religion? and you people are the respectful ones? Please!! Not all Americans think all Muslims are terrorists! Whether you admit it or not, racism is the factor towards hatred of Obama!

  8. Isn’t it funny the contortions Mohammedans like Questionman will go through to try and make the EVIL Cult of Islam look good.

  9. Hands up anyone who thinks Questionman is a bitter twisted Racist Black Mohammedan “REVERT” . Yep so thats EVERYBODY right. LOL

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